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Oct 9, 2012 11:01 AM

Elegance Chinese Cuisine & Banquet

New upscale dim sum and Cantonese restaurant in Markham. It should give the nearby Casa Imperial in Scarborough some competition! Newest member of the Dragon Dynasty Group (DD, the Grand, Big Mouth Kee). Just north of GTA's best T&T at Warden & Steeles and in a new strip mall. Anyone been yet? Sharing same strip mall with another newly opened restaurant named Dayali - Beijing Roast Duck (wonder what their specialty is?!)

Elegance Chinese Cuisine & Banquet
7130 Warden Avenue

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  1. A friend tried it for dim sum today and was all praise specially with the early bird 3$ for dim sum.
    This Dim Sum was followed by a dinner there last night :) so it is on my places to go list.

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    1. re: elvisahmed

      I'll be racing you to try the early bird dim sum!

      1. re: T Long

        Really enjoyed early bird dim sum at the Elegance. Price worked out to about $12 per person all in which means it's at the higher end for the area. Large, "elegant" space, good service and food quality. (eg Sam Woo Seafood was $8. per head for early bird a week earlier). Definitely a welcome addition to the neighborhood....serious competition for nearby Casa Imperial, Crown Prince or Spring Villa. Elegance would be my current first choice in this area for this price point.

        1. re: T Long

          Heard some of the dinner set menus are also pretty good and value for money. Have you tried?!

          1. re: Charles Yu

            No, not yet. The dining space is well set up for events like wedding banquets. Parking on the surface lot is NOT well designed....but there is underground parking available.

          2. re: T Long

            Hello T Long!
            Based on your trusted recommendation, my wife and I gave Elegance a try this lunch time. Dim Sum IMHO, is good quality, very similar to Sam Woo's, but nothing to wow about. Definitely agree with your 'serious competition' comment. One thing that stood out was the courteous and friendly service, especially from the managers. And the tea was very good!
            Anyways we ordered the following:
            - Har Gow Prawn dumplings
            - Baked Pineapple Crusted Char-Siu Buns
            - Fried Taro Croquettes
            - Steamed Rice Roll 'Cheung Fun' with Prawns and
            Yellowing chives
            - Fried Mango and prawns roll
            - Baked Egg Custard tarts
            - Steamed Char Siu Bao

            Har Gow was juicy and prawns were crunchy. But like every Toronto Dim Sum establishments, wrappers were a failure!. The baked buns were fluffy, light and good with an abundance of filling. However, a little bit more sauce would be nice! The fried Taro croquettes was good but the same cannot be said about the bland tasting, greasy and overly thick crusted mango and prawn rolls. One of the worse tasting Dim Sum I had this year! Lastly, love the way they 'heat up' the soya sauce for the rice roll! A nice touch!
            Overall bill came to $37. Not sure whether this was early-bird pricing?!

            1. re: Charles Yu

              Hi Charles: I like Sam Woo Seafood a lot, but I'm inclined to compare Elegance more with the ilk of the nearby Casa Imperial, Crown Prince, Spring Villa, or even the Shangri-la (on its good days), based on decor/food presentation/variety/quality. SWS would rate slightly lower imo. I think you paid the regular dim sum prices...your bill @ early bird prices would have been around $26.40 before tips.

      2. Hmn. Will make a point to check it out. Thanks T!

        1. Can anyone tell me what the hours for the early-bird pricing is?
          And weekdays only or are weekends included?

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          1. re: LearningHow

            9 - 11 am weekdays only, holidays excluded. Order must be in before 11 am. $3. for SML items. Tea service is $1.20 per person.

            1. re: T Long

              IS it $3 for S/M/L. Cause $3 for SML items only for early bird is not much of a draw to me. Its like regular price.

              1. re: aliangwb

                Yes, $3 for small, medium & large items.

                1. re: aliangwb

                  Where can one get good quality,'large size', Dim Sum in an Up-Scale place for $3 regular price??!!!