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Oct 9, 2012 10:32 AM

Suggestions for a group dinner in King City?

I'm hosting a group of about 35 for dinner in the King City area next year and need some suggestions. Yelp doesn't seem to have too many choices, maybe a local person can help. Already checked the Wildhorse, which would work but I'd like to see if there are better alternatives. Not too expensive, it's a group of mainly seniors. I'd love Mexican myself, but some may not. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Some recently asked the same question about hosting a business dinner in King City - a search of this forum will hopefully give you some tips. I tried going east instead of west (chain city) off 101 on my last pass through and found some okay Mexican, but nothing I would go back for yet others have found some treasures so we both need to keep looking.

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      PS: The Grill at 200 Broadway looked more middle American - might want to explore that.

      1. Welcome to chowhound and thanks for your first post. In the upper right side of the page, you'll see "discussions you might also like..." which points to threads in the archive that might also help answer your question. Such as the earlier question glbtrtr mentions, that might help somewhat can be found here,

        For a group that size, your choices may be dictated more by seating capacity than food quality. Besides Wildhorse south of town (, the space at Keefer's that was Lawrence's re-opened a month ago as Stravaganza Grill ( 611 Canal St, (831) 386-0920, under the same ownership as Cafe Stravaganza in Carmel at the Crossroads. I haven't eaten there myself, but the Rotary Club meets there now and I know that it's former incarnations hosted banquets.

        And I wouldn't completely discount Mexican either, though I'm not sure any of the places would be large enough to accommodate your group. Huarache King ( might have enough tables. I have a vague memory that there's a side dining room. Worth a call.

        For that size of group, you would do well to work with the restaurant in advance to arrange a selection of dishes from the regular menu that meets your budget. E.g., select four entrees --- steak, grilled chicken, grilled fish, vegetarian entree --- so that the kitchen can be sure to get everyone served promptly and not run out. The Mexican restaurants can handle that type of order as well, as many also serve some American dishes.

        Edited to add:
        A place where other service clubs meet is Pozzi's Stampede, 207 Broadway.
        It's a bar/meeting place and not a walk-in restaurant. But if you reserve with 15+ people, you can make advance arrangements for food service.

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          Thanks Melanie, great information and I'll follow up on the Stravaganza Grill. Usually this group (an RV club) picks a restaurant that will give us separate checks for couples, and choice of the menu. I know Wildhorse will do that, I've already spoken to them and we ate there this weekend to check.

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            You're welcome! Please do post back on what works for you, as that info will be helpful to others with similar needs in the future.

            I checked Keefer's Inn website and it still lists Lawrence's. But I'd expect it to be updated soon.

            No one has posted about a meal at Wild Horse Cafe. What did you order and how did you like it?

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. We pulled into the Wildhorse Cafe last week with about 6 cars and a dozen people. I had called ahead and they had several tables reserved for us, which I didn't expect but worked out really well. As I posted, I wanted to check out the restaurant prior to a dinner next year for about 30. I thought the food was satisfactory, and most people liked their meals. A few did not care for the way the food was cooked but most were ok. Primarily standard diner fare, prices were very fair and the service was really quick and friendly. Unless I see better reviews in the future for Stravaganza, I think Wildhorse will be the choice for a group.