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Oct 9, 2012 09:50 AM

Fun, moderately priced restaurant for Sat night

Me and my husband are taking my in-laws out for dinner Saturday night and are looking for a place with a fun atmosphere, interesting cocktails, and good food. We would prefer that it isn't extremely expensive. They will be staying at the London hotel so we are looking for suggestions around there but are not completely limited to that area.

We are open to any type of restaurant besides steakhouses. We have already taken them to Bazaar and Mozza so those are definitely out.

Some places we have been considering are Son of a Gun, Red O, Gardens of Taxco, Mercato di Vetro, Mezze, and Dominick's. Any feedback or new suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Not Red O! Son of a Gun and Mezze are great choices. Reservations are tough at Son of a Gun.

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    1. re: Thor123

      +1 for Mezze and Son of A Gun. You should also consider Animal and Playa.

    2. Its going to be hard to get in to Son of a Gun or Animal on Friday. Another choice would be Sotto. I would try to get reservations at Mezze or Sotto ASAP as they too will be tough.

      1. Osteria Drago from Celestino Drago has taken over the old Il Sole space near Sunset Plaza. haven't been yet, but imagine the food must be good—all his other places have excellent homemade pasta.
        can't guarantee the "fun" quota but, as a bonus, you could conceivably walk there from the hotel past Book Soup and actually stroll around Sunset Plaza and its trendy cafes.

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          I have heard good things about it. I dont believe it has a full bar. Neither does Animal if I recall. Eveleigh across the street on Sunset is a very fun, reasonably priced venue with a creative menu.

          1. re: Thor123

            correct—wine only. guess that rules out cocktails and fun. oh well.
            good call on eveleigh.

            love Dominicks but haven't been in ages. only place in L.A. I've ever seen whitebait as an appetizer.

        2. +1 Playa or Animal (although I strongly preferred Playa).

          -1 on Gardens of Taxaco. It's fun(ny) and vaguely amusing (and the food is totally decent), but there's nothing that's interesting or exceptional enough about it that I'd spend time there, if you're just visiting....

          1. Thanks for all the input! I made late reservations at Son of a Gun and early ones at Eveleigh, leaving the final decision up to the in-laws.