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Oct 9, 2012 09:17 AM

Restaurants near Lehman Center, Bronx

Going to see Seinfeld on Thursday - any suggestions for restaurants in the area? No real requirements, just a place to get some good food and drinks before the show.

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  1. Hopefully somebody can chime in w/ recs for you from places on Kingsbridge Road. I don't think the Concourse has anything to mention, and Jerome has a few places also. Enjoy the show. If you have time, you can always go to Arthur Avenue and THEN head over to Lehman Center. It's a relatively short drive ... allow yourself about 10-15 mins.

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    1. re: Cheese Boy

      We were thinking arthur ave as well - thanks so much.

      1. re: Cheese Boy

        Yeah, the Concourse is pretty barren. The closest place on Jerome I'd recommend is Ebe Ye Yie, down by the 183rd stop. I'd go get some burek at Tony and Tina's, though.

      2. Maybe Bronx Ale House or Jake's in Riverdale? How are you getting there... Train or car?

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          Actually we were thinking either bronx ale house or Jake's - been to Jake's never to the ale house. We are probably going to go by car.

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            I'd say parking around Arthur and Broadway would be comparable (not great) but if your going to be tight on time I'd recommend Broadway. I had an evening class at Lehman last semester and getting from central BX (Belmont) to Lehman can take awhile. The Bronx River pkwy backs up onto southern/Kazmiroff. I'd steer you towards the Ale House. Parking can be tough by Jakes since Broadway is basically the only option. You should find a spot on one of the side streets below 238th. I usually find a spot by the little league field and that's alternate side not Meters.
            If you go to the Ale House early enough you could get an S&S cheese cake. If you go to Jakes you could try Lloyd's carrot cake a few doors down.

            1. re: clareandromeda

              There's also El Malecon on Broadway By 231st. Really good Dominican.