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Oct 9, 2012 08:50 AM

Coming for the Formula 1 Race in November

Hello fellow CHers!

My wife and I will be in Austin for the Formula 1 race in November. I have wanted to go to an F1 race since I was 10 years old. We know that there is a lot of good food in Austin and with so many more people in town for the races, I was wondering if there are places that local would recommend that we stay away from due to the increased crowds and the "marginal return on investment of time", i.e. good but not worth an hour or more wait!

Since this trip is already pretty expensive, we are looking for places that are relatively inexpensive, but with really good food. We are both experienced eaters, but not adventurous. BBQ is definitely on the list with Stiles Switch and Salt Lick.

I have also been following the "Best Thing YOU Ever Ate, Austin" thread, so thanks for all of those recommendations.

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  1. Since the F1 races haven't started, yet, it's hard for us to know where those crowds are going to be clogging things up. Fortunately, in general, there aren't too many places here where you typically have to wait an hour for a table, particularly on the more inexpensive end of the scale. Franklin BBQ is the one exception...the waits there are long. The BBQ is amazing, but I personally don't care to wait that long for anyone's BBQ. Haven't been, but I've heard that J. Mueller's is really great, and the wait isn't anywhere near as long as Franklin. Bourdain went there when he was last here.

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      Thanks, Optimista. J. Mueller's looks great. It will go on the list.

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        I dont know what to expect either Opt, but Im thinking its going to be a lot like SXSW and the city is going to be PACKED with long lines everywhere.

      2. I venture to guess that many places will be packed. Most Formula 1 folks, from what I understand, have lots of money and will go to the nicer places. If there's a UT game that weekend (haven't checked) plenty of the "non-expensive" places will be packed with students and locals. I think your list from what you've read on the Austin thread is good and you can probably find more suggestions on Good luck!

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          My husband's going (got invited by a big wig), and they're planning on spending the WHOLE day, other than the race, travelling back and forth...yuck! I've heard from some pretty reliable sources there will be stands of some local food like at the Dell Diamond. My husband's seats are supposedly by Matt's (yuck) and Salt Lick (again, yuck).

          That aside, I would assume anything south of campus is going to be miserable to say the least. I could be being negative, but after being downtown during some "lesser" events this past few years (kite fest anyone? What a NIGHTMARE), I would avoid downtown as best I could.

          Live Oak BBQ isn't the best (it's my husband's favorite, but not mine), but there's never a line, the bbq is consistantly good and they're open late. Styles Switch has some consistency issues, but manage large crowds quite well. When they are on game, the beef ribs are the best I've ever had.

          I would avoid the more commonly known places, Salt Lick included.