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May 4, 2005 10:12 PM

Humongous Tri-Tip Sandwich in Salinas

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My friend Shari had recommended highly the tri-tip sandwich at "the deli next to the car wash on Abbott". She said it was tasty, but I don't remember her mentioning the size. I finally found the place today, ordered up, and was shocked when I turned to my right and saw these things being assembled. The rolls here --- I got Dutch crunch --- are longer than what I think of as standard, nearly a foot long. The warm slices of tri-tip dredged in barbecue sauce are piled up to a solid meat filling of at least 2" thick, plus the standard sandwich garnishes. "Omigod, that's what I'm getting?", I blurted out. The man in line behind me grinned and said, "That's the best steak sandwich in town." With tax, I was out the door for $6.60.

I took it home to share with my mom. We estimated that it weighed at least two pounds. The slices of medium well-cooked beef were thin enough to bite through easily but still had some of the characteristic chewiness. It tasted more roasted than smoked or grilled to me. That's not to say that it wasn't delicious, as it certainly was with just enough sweet-tangy sauce to moisten but not drown out the beefiness. We scraped off some of the mayo that had been applied with too heavy a hand. Mayonnaise doesn't really complement the flavor, and I'd leave it out next time. It could use mustard on both sides since the bulk of the beef needs an extra dose of condiments.

My mom was happy with the quality and value. She had the rest of her half for dinner tonight. This is a great find.

Acme General Store & Deli
537 Abbott St



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  1. Except I am a put off by the presence of mayo (or anything other than BBQ sauce and/or coleslaw) on that bad boy.

    1. We were in the neighborhood in need of a bite and I remembered this place next to the carwash.

      Seven years later, the sandwich price has only gone up to $6.75. But the quantity of BBQ tri-tip inside has shrunk by more than half. Still tasty even though I forgot to say "hold the mayo".

      Better than the sandwich though was the soup. A different one each day of the week, we landed here on chicken noodle day. $3.50 for a pint, a good deal and tasty too on a chilly day.