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Oct 9, 2012 07:59 AM

Looking for food before and after the Marine Corp Marathon

Me and a few friends are meeting in DC at the end of the month to run the marathon. We are searching for a good place to carb load on Saturday night, thinking pasta pasta pasta. And then Sunday night we are going to be a bit out of it, but we would really like a good celebratory meal. We are staying in DC near Dupont Circle, but completely willing to travel for food. The friends I am with love good seafood and anything experimental. Probably our max would be $100 per person. Just looking for any good suggestions.

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  1. I can't think of a single place that serves both good seafood and good pasta. For pasta carb loading though, I think Carmine's would be your best bet.

    Also, if you do a search, you should be able to find several threads on this topic.

    1. If you're in Dupont and don't want to go far after the marathon, both Urbana and Firefly are great spots (in Kimpton hotels - Palomar and Madera respectively - I love the desserts at Firefly). There's also a Rasika West End that you might be able to get a spot in. That would be more "experimental" - modern Indian. I've only been to the original, and we just went a few weeks ago, still one of the best restaurants in DC. I don't know about Seafood because I don't eat it, but Hanks Oyster Bar off 17th St is popular.

      1. Dino in Cleveland Park has great seafood and great pasta. I love the wild boar pasta and had Sawara Monday Night. Sawara is a local fish out of the Chesapeake.

        Hanks has an Oyster Happy Hour that can't be beat. Limited selection but they have the best oysters in town.. I'd drink beer there, not impressed with their wine or cocktails.

        1. For pasta I would either go to Bibianna or Dino. Neither is necessarily red sauce Italian but both are delicious. If you simply just want large portions of good red-sauce Italian (think spaghetti and meatballs, linguine with clams, great gnocchi etc) try Filomena.

          As for your post-race meal, I would head to Estadio for Spanish small plates. They have great drinks, strong seafood dishes and fun, yet laid back atmosphere. Another option would be Mintwood Place in Adams Morgan---more of a bistro feel but really amazing food (best roast chicken around).

          Hank's is also a strong choice. I also recently had a very good meal at Pearl Oyster Dive on 14th Street. Only issue is they don't take reservations and the food (mostly seafood with a Cajun bend) is quite heavy.