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Oct 9, 2012 07:54 AM

Best Food in Busch Gardens Williamsburg

We're going to BG this weekend and just wondered what Chow Worthy places might be found in the park. We KNOW there are great places to eat in Williamsburg, but we don't want to have to leave the park to eat. Anything we should try for lunch and dinner?

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  1. ETA: disclaimer, these ratings are on amusement park standards. You will not find the best ribs you've ever had at BGW, but you might find the best ribs you've ever had at a theme park.

    The desserts are generally good (except for the giant chocolate cake slices with white icing). I've heard good things about the pretzels from the pretzel shop in the Oktoberfest section (not the same as pretzels throughout the rest of the park). The smoked chicken in New France (Smokehouse) is good. Ribs (Smokehouse and Festhaus) are sometimes very good, sometimes just OK. The sausages at the Festhaus are generally good. Everything at the Festhaus comes with red cabbage and German potato salad. Meals at the Smokehouse come with fries IIRC.

    I haven't eaten at either of the Italian places i ages, so can't say much. I have heard good things. I haven't been to the Irish restaurants in a while either, but remember it being pretty good.

    Avoid the pizza (outside of Italy sections) and burgers at all costs.

    The beer stands sell aluminum bottles for more than a six pack at the grocery store, but the restaurants have a decent selection of beer on tap at reasonable prices.

    Have fun! I was there last weekend. It will be PACKED, but lots of fun. If you are really serious about riding everything and doing all of the haunted house, I highly recommend a Quick Queue pass, all of the houses had lines in the 1.5-2 hour range last Saturday.

    1. The food at BG is fairly typical of theme parks (horrible), but one thing is worth getting :

      The sausage pretzels (upscale bagel dog)at the little pretzel bakery with a big cup of mustard and a cold German or microbrew big beer.

      There are only a couple places to get decent beer. The pretzel bakery is the best. Festhaus serves the same beers, but warmer.

      The German food at the festhaus is steam table and not special. The turkey sandwich and sausage platter are OK. I would avoid the festhaus unless you have a group with varied tastes.

      I have a feeling that the turkey legs might be good if you can figure out where to get a freshly cooked one. They make them somewhere and cart them around to all the stands. Maybe in the Trappers Smokehouse which I have not tried yet.

      There are sitdown French and Italian restaurants, but the menus look pretty awful.