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Oct 9, 2012 07:09 AM

Barnacle Bill's, Rumson NJ change of format/policy please read and share your opinion.........

Since I know there are a lot of Monmouth County contributors to this board I am copy pasting this from Barnacle Bill’s facebook page which they posted on Sunday. Even if you’re not from the area the post is self explanatory…..there are a lot of opinions / comments posted on facebook regarding this decision I thought it is an interesting topic to bring over here. What are your personal thoughts regarding this decision?

"To all our loyal customers: Due to increased reports of peanut allergies as well as a number of slip-and-fall claims we have decided to remove the peanuts from the bar and dining room. We are committed to maintaining the casual, family-friendly atmosphere that you all enjoy! We appreciate your understanding and look forward to seeing you all soon for some great food and music on the Navesink!! Cheers!"

Your thoughts...........

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  1. It was just a matter of time. Perhaps now that the peanut eating customer base will be forced to eat their nuts at home I will be able to get a seat at the bar. The lawyers win another one.

    1. If future complaints and litigation are the catalyst for the policy change....then it's certainly understandable. I would further add that if if were based on food cost cutting motivation...then equally understandable.....however, it it were the latter, then it's a business decision they will have to live with if they find the peanuts were actually a way of drawing in repeat customers and the realize a drop off in sales from their former loyal customers.

      1. I gotta be honest, the nostalgia evoked by the peanuts on the floor was just as important as the rare burgers in getting me to go there several times over the years. Last couple of times I was in the area and felt like bar food, however, I went to Val's - it's much cooler. At bottom, I s'pose, I'll just say farewell to an era when peanut shells on the floor was fun and parents didn't bring their kids to a bar and complain about the fact that they did things the way they do them in a bar.

        1. Slip and fall claims....wonderful. God I love lawyers.

          Anyway, as sad as this is to see a long standing tradition go, it won't hurt their business. That place has a cult like following and when I am in the mood for a nice medium rare cheddar burger, I will still go have one. You almost always have to wait for a table there, or a bar seat. They are doing something right.

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          1. re: corvette johnny

            yep, they are. It doesn't work for me but folks love it.

            1. re: corvette johnny

              I haven't been to BB's in many years....and when I was there it was simply to partake in some of their liquid beverages not their food. If memory serves me correctly I might have been a slip and fall victim there on one occasion however I won’t blame it on the peanut shells but rather my own two left (and slightly intoxicated) feet.

              Since I have never eaten there I cannot compare however I have to admit the guilty pleasure of the “cheddar cheese” sauce/topping at the Pour House. I’m not a big burger guy….but I’ll get that sauce on a grilled chicken with sautéed onions…..oh baby that’s good eating right there. Can anyone compare the two?

              Here is one for the Rumson locals and visitors to the area…Murphy’s (speak-easy) who has been?

              1. re: jrvedivici

                BB's burger is pretty much the same as the other "grilled behind the bar" burgers in the area - Pour House, Harpoon Willys (Brielle), Frankie's (Point Pleasant), etc. It's the same basic grind, thick patties, hard rolls, and cooked before your eyes so you smell it too.

                Honestly, the place has done three things right. First, the aforementioned burger. Second, the loose attitude about the peanuts on the floor. Third, being in a place where they are surrounded by more money than anyone needs or knows what to do with. Two of those three things remain.

                1. re: MGZ

                  You have just brought up a few memories/questions for me. Frankies was an old stand by in Point....but two or three doors down was Europa South? Portuguese place...I haven't been there in years but it use to be very good.

                  Also across the water from Harpoon Willies was Peterson's for years.....we would go there by boat for dock and dine as a it's some rock bar? What happened just from the sign on it I wouldn't stop in.

                  1. re: jrvedivici

                    I haven't been to Europa in years myself. It's one of those "we should go there one night" places that you never actually wind up going to.

                    Yeah, Peterson's eventually became River Rock with one alternate iteration in between. Haven't been there in a couple years either.

                  2. re: MGZ

                    Pricing is one key factor. A decent cheese burger is like 7.95 I think, or something like that. And the decor is cool. Where else around here do they have old nautical decor around here (to the extent of barnacles?) It is definitely laid back, casual and a unique spot...and on the water which is kind of cool if you haven't grown up on that river your entire life like a lot of people have.

                    One other key factor is parking. They have a huge parking lot. I hate going to a place and having to drive around for 5 minutes trying to find a pet peeve of mine.

              2. I agree with everyone's comments that it's sad to see the peanuts go, but I doubt their business will suffer. I've always gone there specifically for the burgers, because it is hard to find a place that will cook a burger medium-rare. Unfortunately, I only find myself going there after I visit someone at Riverview Medical Center. For some reason, seeing a sick person in a hospital bed at RMC prompts a craving for a BBs cheddar burger in me?

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                1. re: cke25

                  In this part of New Jersey, there are plenty of places that will cook me a rare or medium rare burger. I noted three upthread. Moreover, right across the street from Riverview is The Globe where they will cook a solid burger however you like it. Pretty sure that Murphy's and Dublin House also have no hesitation in preparing ground beef to any doneness.

                  1. re: MGZ

                    Thanks for the tip MGZ. I will give those places a try.

                    1. re: cke25

                      If I may warn.....I don't know when the last time MGZ was at Murphy's but sadly the place has been for sale for awhile and the owner a great guy....but in his 80's has really let the place go. Food quality (Not that is was ever fine dining) is even down for it. I would stay away at this point, sad to say.

                      1. re: jrvedivici

                        Actually, jrv, I haven't been to Murphy's in a year or so and then it was only for a beer & a burger. Even then I didn't think it was the best in town, but it was cheap and cooked rare. Thanks for the heads up.

                        cke - if you try any of those places, please note that the Pour House's burger is probably the most similar to BB's. The Globe probably gets my nod for the best in Red Bank proper.

                        1. re: MGZ

                          The Harborside has a really good burger now but they just don't cook it right. Its still good but I need to walk back into the kitchen next time and plead with them to cook it rare. The roll is just top notch and better than anything around here....I love it.

                          The poorhouse huh? I haven't been there in ages but might need to stop in to check out this cheddar burger.

                          1. re: corvette johnny

                            Twin Lights Taphouse in Highlands gets my nod for best burger - and yes they'll do rare.

                            1. re: drubenero

                              nice....mark is a super cool dude. That guys has forgotten more about beer than I know LOL.

                              I have to try that soon. thanks for the tip.