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Oct 9, 2012 06:45 AM

What do you freeze in your kitchen?

I was reading this excellent list of tips on foods that can be successfully frozen:

What have you frozen successfully? Any big honkin' failures that you learned about on the way?

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  1. I always have rice and udon frozen in individual portions. I also have various bento vegetables and meats/gyoza frozen for lunches. I buy meat when it is on sale and freeze it, at any given time I will have sliced pork, ground something and often chicken frozen. I usually have a loaf of bread frozen too. That's about it.

    1. I learned that rice could be frozen from a Rachel Ray article in some magazine years back. I regularly freeze cooked rice, butter, cooked ground beef and shredded chicken, beef and pork. We buy our meat by the half from a farmer so I have a lot of roasts to cook. Doing them in big batches and keeping shredded meat on hand for sandwiches, enchilladas, etc. is very handy.

      I never would have thought to freeze some of the things on that list. Who has the freezer space to freeze gallons of milk? I also never knew the reasons for those circles on the side of the carton but it now makes perfect sense.

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        I've been freezing in 1 cup measures, in ziplock pint freezer bags. It's perfect. I wasted a LOT of buttermilk before I started freezing.

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          I've frozen most of the things on that list. At one time I lived in an isolated community where fresh milk was difficult to get (most people used Carnation!) I often froze 2L containers for use in the weeks between grocery store trips. You have to shake it up, but otherwise it's fine.

        2. I freeze bread. Otherwise, it always gets moldy before we finish it, and its great to be able to reach into the freezer, grab a piece of crusty italian bread, let it thaw for a few minutes and then pop it in the oven.

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            I cut a long loaf into thirds (approx) to fit a ziplock freezer bag.

          2. In my freezer:
            Meat from meat CSA: pork, chicken, beef, lamb (specialty cuts: veal, duck, goat)

            Frozen veg: one bag corn, one bag peas, ginger in a ziploc

            Frosty beer mugs, ice packs


            Phyllo dough

            Homemade bags of chicken broth

            Possibly frozen fruit (commercially frozen berries)

            1. I freeze soup and eggplant parmesan and bread, and I do the herbs-in-ice thing, too. But who the hell freezes breakfast sandwiches? That sounds like a terrible idea - a microwaved scrambled egg on a sogged-up muffin. Ew.

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                I thought the same thing about the chips. Not because of an ick factor but when you consider the cost of chips and the amount of space needed to freeze them, freezer space would be better used for something more valuable/expensive.

                I also thought "ew" about the breakfast sandwiches.