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Oct 9, 2012 05:37 AM

New Trader Joe's - Rt 3W in Clifton

Almost drove off the road this morning as I gasped out loud...the sign is up for a new TJ's! I either didn't know or had forgotten that this was coming! It's in the new, teeeeeeeeenytiny strip mall immediately before the Tick-Tock Diner, where Smashburger is. Like parking and traffic aren't already a nightmare in this part of the world...UGH to that, but YAY for having a TJ's within such close reach! Methinks it'll be a weekday-only trip for me.

Any word on when it's supposed to open?

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  1. I always overshoot that Smashburger, then cut through Tick Tock's parking lot and enter in the rear on Allwood Rd. I agree that a Trader Joe's there will be a logistical nightmare. Not that it isn't already.

      1. here's the opening date:
        Clifton, NJ - Nov. 16th

        1. I live right near there, but I'm happy....Paramus will be less crowded!