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Oct 9, 2012 03:35 AM

Belgians at SAQ

Which SAQ store in Montreal has the best selection of Belgian beer?

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  1. From a quick advanced search (around my address) on the SAQ site; the store on Mont-Royal and the one on Beaubien seems to have most of the Belgian beers in stock; but all stores should have good quantity of basic Belgian beers.

    Also check the Dépanneurs like "Dépanneur Rahman" for good (but not great) selection.

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    1. re: Maximilien

      Thanks for the reply. In Ontario the LCBO issues a quarterly list with special items that will become available in the next three months. Is there anything like that in Quebec for beer or is it always just the regular list?

      1. re: Frids

        Never come across such a list for beer. The closest thing is the New Arrivals in the Cellier magazine, but it's only been for wine bottles.
        If I come across a beer that sounds interesting, I look it up on their website and see where it's in stock.
        If I want to browse, I go to the Maisonneuve branch close to Place des Arts metro, just because it's the largest one I've been to (outside of the SAQ Depot) and conveniently located

        1. re: artstate

          AFAIRemember, There have been a few beers in the Cellier releases; maybe not in the "release" itself, but highlighted in the magazine that comes out with it.

          1. re: Maximilien

            It's true, they some beer highlights, but it's doesn't necessarily highlight new stock or special stock. It's a bit like when they show you a bailey's cocktail, they've always had bailey's. Interesting to flip through, nonetheless

    2. From a quick scan of the SAQ's website (looking up the most expensive Belgian beers and seeing which outlets carried the most) the one in front of the Atwater market jumped out at me.

      As of now they have 31 of the 1/2 metre of beer and 20 of Chimay Trappistes Grande Réserve

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      1. re: EaterBob

        I tried three SAQ today: the two near JT market, with little in the way of Belgians, and the one at Atwater Market which had all of the ones in the catalogue. I happily stocked my cellar with 2 Rocheforts, Chimay Blue, Maredsous and Orvals, consolation prizes for missing out on the absurd Westvleteren 12 scramble at the LCBO last week. Thanks everyone for the suggestions.