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Oct 8, 2012 11:55 PM

Pisa - Osteria della Faggiola

we made a quick stop at this little place last week - and had a good, simple meal - husband had a luscious baked pasta dish with bechamel, cheese and peas, I had spaghetti with mackerel and friggitelli peppers.
we arrived at the very end of the lunch hour and food came out only 5 minutes after ordering - my spaghetti was cut into short lengths and seems to have been par cooked - it was very soft, but the dish was extremely tasty. nonetheless. Place had a bit of a funky post studen/hipstert air like so much in this university town. For quick, cheap and tasty - pleasant service - with dishes a little creative - we would recommend.

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  1. Peas in October Jen? So much for seasonal dishes.

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      you are correct of course - and the frigitelli were hardly tuscan regional...
      but the food was tasty and inexpensive, and I was lucky my husband did not insist on a "pisa pie" Also, given the fact that I had discovered I had lost my passport the night before, and we had to deal with that before departing, we were lucky to BE in Pisa at all and have time for lunch.

      Anyway, In the US we for get how good a simple layered pasta with besciamella can be - and next time I pull out my bag of tiny frozen peas (better IMO than any fresh pea I have ever eaten) maybe I will make a dish like Jim ate in Pisa

    2. Jen, Your tips are always fantastic. We ate lunch last Wednesday at Trattoria Sapienza in Naples. What a great place! I wanted to thank you for your always reliable reports across the years.