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Oct 8, 2012 11:04 PM

Anymore Fresh Hatch Chile around town?

Has anyone seen anymore Hatch being sold. I fear they disappeared already.

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  1. I think mostly all fresh Hatch disappeared mid September (at least I haven't seen anymore). Can still get local green chilis from our various farmers markets. Can also find canned Hatch Chilis (chopped and whole) in many markets and even Costco.

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      Whole Foods sells "Hatch" brand canned chile. Bristol Farms roasts and peels quantities of Hatch when it is fresh and sells bags of it in a refrigerated section in the fresh produce area - in the past, they have also had small amounts frozen for sale for a brief time after the short season passes.

    2. Funny. I wanted to know the same thing. New Mexican friend's bday this weekend, and was wondering. . .

      1. The last time I saw them was about two weeks ago at Sprouts.