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Oct 8, 2012 09:12 PM

Pubs and restaurants near Ealing

My family will be visiting London the day after Christmas and staying through New Year's. We are planning on staying away from the city center in Ealing (cheaper). Does anyone have any recommendations for food and family friendly pubs in this area? We are foodies but really are not looking for up-scale food, just good food. We will definitely be looking for some good pub food as well as any interesting ethnic foods that the area has to offer. Also, recommendations for places to go for New Year's Eve would be appreciated (preferably something more laid back and away from the crowds if at all possible). Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. There's a very good Sichuan restaurant in Acton called simply "Sichuan Restaurant." It has been mentioned on here though not for a long time.

    Otherwise you're pretty close to Shepherds Bush Market (by tube) for falafel and other similar eats.

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      I just noticed this post again, I'd also recommend Kiraku near Ealing Common. It's one of the better Japanese restaurants I've been to in London and it has a nice range of dishes as well as sushi. The salmon belly cooked in a thick miso broth was one of the best seafood dishes I had this year anywhere.

    2. It's been years, but West Kebab near Northfields Station does excellent doners and fish & chips.

      1. Lucky you - where to start?!
        The Brilliant in Southall (Not Madhu's but the other one) is still great and authentic. It helps that you can now make reservations. It's come in for a bit of flack following a Gordon Ramsey endorsement, but I ate there 2 weeks ago and can confirm that it is still excellent food of a variety not seen elsewhere (ie not your average chicken tikka masala that the British public has been having a strange affair with for the last 30 years). Yes they do have plasma TV's and a very strange coloured waterwall at the entrance and it's not a cheap as it once was, but it is very special. (Try bhatura)
        Re Pubs - avoid Ealing Broadway pubs generally. If you hop on a bus to Acton then try the Rocket pub which has a generally good rep'.
        Or a tube trip away to Turnham Green or Chiswick Park will bring you within a short stroll of a number of good pubs and restaurants. The Duke of Sussex on Acton Lane (Chiswick Park tube turn left) is an excellent example of a London gatsropub. Food is with a spanish flavour, although have British standards as well. Around the corner on Evershed Walk is The Swan, also highly recommended. Both have good cellars (beers) and wine lists. Hedone is also 5 mins from Chiswick Park and has just been awarded a Michelin star. La Trompette and Charlotte's Bistro are 10 mins walk from Turnham Green station.
        In Hammersmith please go to the Hampshire Hog which is on King Street near the cinema.
        ....oh dear have gone on too much about west London. So many good places to eat and drink! Enjoy!

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            Have you been to Papaya? The fact they actually have lamprais is really surprising.

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              Thank you all very much for your posts. I think that I will have to try them all, .they all seem to be very interesting fare. I just need to decide which one is NYE worthy.

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                Are you planning on spending the entire time in W London?

                1. re: brokentelephone

                  No, we will make our way to the normal center center attractions and I would like to even get out to Greenwich to visit the Meantime Brewing company.,.. Also driving to Liverpool for a few days doing the Beatles thing.

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                    The only reason I asked is because you seem to have a limited number of days and seem set on eating at mostly West London places.

                    Assuming you haven't visited before, you'll find that atmosphere-wise, West London is quite detached from the center of things, and as a tourist, you may enjoy yourself a lot more going to eat closer to the center of things. Most people frequent the places on this list because they happen to be in W London, not because they're destination restaurants.

                    Travelling around London isn't difficult at all, and you will find the best newer places are in Soho and in the East End. Personally, if I were to visit London I'd be a bit ho-hum if spent the entire time eating in Ealing or whatever.

                    If you have been here and know this, my apologies for being presumptuous.

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                      No, you are right. We probably won't only eat in the West London so any other advice for other places in Soho and the East End would be appreciated as well. The more information the better.