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Oct 8, 2012 08:53 PM

What do you do the night AFTER great food?

For my dear husband's 50th birthday we decided to go for it and do the chefs table at L'Espalier with another couple. We've had dinner there twice before and have always been happy with the environment, service and food. (Although I think our best dinner to date was a tie with Clio.) We are staying in town two nights sans children. Now for the dilemma, we are doing L'Espalier the first night to accommodate the other couple's schedule. Usually we do our big expensive meal the second night. So what DO we do the second night after we rise from our foie gras coma? No doubt we won't feel like spending a lot of money after we get the bill @ L'Espalier. So I'd like to have a couple of ideas that don't try to compete with that experience, but will still be enjoyable. We are staying at the Liberty if that helps with any suggestions. I was toying with some bar hopping and apps. Or late night China Town. Of course maybe I just feel like eating anything until Sunday brunch.

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  1. You could just stay in your hotel and go casual or full on dinner at Scampo. Walk over to the north end and eat at the bar of Prezza or Lucca. Toscano or Beacon Hill Bistro are short walks in the other direction in Beacon Hill and 75 Chestnut there is a more casual neighborhood spot. You could go to Chinatown then get a beer at Jacob Wirth then a nightcap and app or dessert at the bar of Teatro by the Common. Market in the W Hotel is dependable. All walking distance.

    1. Find an area that has a few places where you can stop in for just a drink & an appetizer and then go to the next place. If you want to stay near downtown, maybe Marliave, Stoddards, ...

      1. I'd go to the South End for this. Maybe Picco. Pizza, ice cream, drinks. It'd be a great complement to a fancy dinner.

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          I just went back to Picco this weekend, and second the above suggestion. Good pizza and damn good ice cream

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            I wasn't thrilled with either the pizza or the ice cream at Picco, and their hot fudge sauce was thin and not-too-good either. I don't like pizzas with 3'--wide crusts. Their mac & cheese is the best I've had, though.