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Oct 8, 2012 07:46 PM

Best Chefs in Canada

In her North Toronto Post review of "Bent", Joanne Kates calls Susur Lee "one of the three best chefs in Canada". Who are the other two?

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  1. First off! This thread for sure will open up a whole can of worms!!! Long term chowhounders will know why!!
    Best chef??!! How current and active?! Based on Food taste or sheer reputation?
    IMO, Susur Lee is over-rated and does not even make my top 5 list based on taste of food alone!! Fancy fusion plating does not always equate to tasty food!!
    My top 5 would be Rob Feenie of Cactus Club, Sinclair Philip of Sooke Harbour, Michael Stadtlander of Eigensinn Farm, Marc Lepin of Atelier and our own David Lee.

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      i think you have to say Rob Feenie of the late Lumiere if you want any support on that one :)

    2. Not a fan of the latest concept, however Lynn Crawford still rocks my boat. Given that boundaries are being pushed, I keep an open mind, and wallet :)

      1. So far the discussion is fairly Toronto/Ontario-centric, though the mention of Feenie (*not* as part of the Cactus Club) and Philip bring in at least a passing mention of BC.

        Those of us not on the Left Coast or in the Centre of the Universe might propose say, Martin Picard, who has effectively changed the definition of dining, Normand Laprise and the Dave MacMillan/Fred Morin combo (for doing the Irish Anglo equivalent of APDC's excess).

        No mention of anyone working in Calgary, and Vancouver's more than Feenie. Vij? Tojo?

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        1. re: wattacetti

          very much agree about the Montreal chefs

        2. I didn't see the list yet.
          Though Michael Noble (Notable - Calgary) is definitely on my list!