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Oct 8, 2012 07:02 PM

Need restaurant Rex's for the Upper Upper East side!

Visiting my son for the first time at his new apartment and am looking for some help with restaurants at E. 95th btw Lexington/Park?

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  1. San Matteo on E 90th and 2nd has really good pizza and excellent sandwiches on fresh baked rolls called Panuozzo.

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      This is close to my hotel so I will check out. Thanks for the info.

    2. What kind of spot are you looking for? Top of the line will be at Sfoglia. Some place more middle ground might be Peri Ela. If you're looking for something upbeat and different , try ABV or Kaia.

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        Thanks....your suggestions are spot onfor Thursday and in the future. I am including his roommate so I think I will save the "top of the line" for a special night out for him in the future. He actually lives above ABV and loves it. I think I will shoot to take them to Peri Ela.....again thanks. if you have any other info about neighborhood and places to go pass along. as mentioned he just moved in and would love to shorthand the research!

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          If he likes ABV, he might also like The Lexington Social which is similarly small plates and drinks-driven, but less crowded. Guthrie Inn, the mixology bar owned by the people behind ABV is also a good place to go and meet neighborhood people.

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            Thanks JungMann.....this is perfect;)
            Think I will have to visit more all looks great!

      2. Just revisted Toloache on East 82nd Street-not far from where you will be. New menu with really exciting dishes. I had miso glazed Black Cod-yes in a Mexican restaurant-which was simply divine. Dining companion had Quinoa paella which was absolutely delicious as well. I been to this place before but never enjoyed the food as much as I do now!

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          Wow......sounds yummy....will definitely add to list....thanx ;)

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            They make some killer cocktails, too. I love that place...

          2. If you like Italian food than either Felidia or Felice 83 are pretty damn good..

            1. In addition to what's already been mentioned:

              Nick's on 2nd Ave and 94th is a decent sit-down pizza place. Cafe d'Alsace on 2nd Ave and 88th is a mid-price restaurant with French-German food. For standard Thai takeout within walking distance, I usually go to Gong on 99th near 3rd Ave. Joy Burger on Lex and 100th is popular too; Shake Shack on 86th is another casual burger option.

              For bakeries/desserts, you cannot beat Two Little Red Hens on 2nd Ave between 86th and 85th! Plenty on 3rd Ave between 83rd and 82nd is also good. And Glaser's on 1st Ave and 87th is a lovably crusty old bakery (cheap too).

              Finally, here are some previous threads that you might also find helpful:

              Welcome to the neighborhood!