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Oct 8, 2012 05:46 PM

Madisons - Williston Park

Had dinner at Madison's on Saturday night. Same dining/bar set up that Ivy Cottage had but completely redecorated. Very nice inside, warm, clean and comfortable. Husband and I shared the crab cake appetizer which was fantastic. Served with a microgreen salad and spicy remoulade. I ordered the halibut which was served with sauteed spinach, spaghetti squash and wild mushroom wonton ravioli with a truffle brown butter sauce. It was outstanding and possibly one of the best meals I have ever had. Each component was delicious and everything worked so well together. The fish was cooked perfectly and was so tasty and the ravioli were divine. My husband ordered the NY strip and was served with steak fries and sugar snap peas. He enjoyed his meal but did not think it was the best steak. I am not much of a steak eater, I tasted it and thought it was good.

Food aside I would say our experience was mixed. Our waiter was good. We wanted to order a bottle of wine so he sent over the "wine expert". I assume he was a sommelier but no one said so. Perhaps being the youngest couple in the place by a good 10 years it was assumed we would not know what that was. Anyhow he was knowledgeable but not overly helpful. The owner was walking around, seemed to personally know some people in the place. The first time he walked by us he noticed we were sharing the crab cake and made a joke that there was a $135 sharing charge. Okay, kind of funny. Next time he walked by my husband was taking a bite of my dish, made another joke about another sharing charge. Eh- kind of awkward and not so funny. Next time he finally asked us about our meal and my husband said the steak was 'pretty good'. He then proceeded to tell we should never order steak or chicken in a restaurant like this one. A bit off putting. Possibly true but saying so was a bit arrogant. He didn't ask me about my meal which was a shame. I ate every last bite.

Overall the food was fabulous, service okay.

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  1. Forgot to mention the wine list was very nice...lots of variety. However prices were only listed by the glass and no bottle prices were given. They also do wine flights which was not indicated on the wine list and I did not realize until after we ordered the bottle.

    1. If you should not order steak or chicken in a "restaurant like this one" why is it on the menu? All the food should be good. He sounds like an arrogant p(disallowed chow word). And I am sorry he ruined your meal. Hope he reads the board.

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        He was as you describe. That being said, we had a fantastic evening and I would return again. My meal was incredible. I would think that fish is the way to go since head chef Jeffery Slade once worked at Le Bernardin (and also French Laundry and The Farmhouse). According to the owner he is in the kitchen every night.