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Oct 8, 2012 05:41 PM

Cocoa Dilemma: Fair Trade vs. Fine Taste

Several months ago, I ditched Hershey's Special Dark and went in search of the BEST reasonably affordable unsweetened cocoa powder I could find. After sampling a few brands, I settled on Cacao Barry Extra Brut. I relished the gloriously rich flavor of this dark powder, until one day when I was baking a chocolate cake with coffee in it. Since I was already purchasing wonderful fair trade coffee, I thought I should do the same with cocoa powder. It's the right thing to do! However, I have been disappointed by the poor selection of fair trade cocoa. I can't even find any as dark as Hershey's Special Dark, let alone the Extra Brute. Any advice, cocoa lovers?

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  1. Until there is a product that is up to your quality standards stick with what you love..