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Oct 8, 2012 05:10 PM

Liang's Village Cuisine closed in Arcadia

I was in the area yesterday. It's supposed to be replaced by a sushi restaurant of some sort.

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  1. I'd figure it would close, that plaza is terrible for restaurants. The 101 Noodle Express next door never seemed busy either, why they had to open next to each other and cannibalize each other's business made no sense to me.

    Also wasn't the Liang's a sushi restaurant before as well? Ironic I suppose but maybe we can get some decent sushi in Arcadia for once.

    1. Saw an ad in Monday's edition of World Journal. I can't read Chinese, but based on the address listed in the ad, Liang's Kitchen is opening in the space where the vegetarian restaurant was next to Big Lots on Las Tunas and Baldwin.

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        Interesting relocation? That space isn't much better for visibility, maybe rent is much cheaper? Either way it isn't doing itself a favor by choosing that location.