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Oct 8, 2012 05:06 PM

Sunday Brunch Buffet near Lexington?

Looking for recommendations for a Sunday morning brunch buffet within 10 - 20 minutes of Lexington for a special occasion, for a group of 10 (half children, but all 10 or older).
Would you recommend the brunch at the Colonial Inn?

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  1. Last Dec, I went there with a group of friends, and we all really enjoyed it.

    1. Papa Razzi in Concord does a pretty decent brunch but I don't think they have a buffet.

      1. Yangtzee River in lexington center does a dimsum/chinese brunch buffet with carts. Its not chinatown quality but its interesting once in a while.

        1. I like the atmosphere at the Colonial Inn, but my experience with the food is meh.

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            Mediocre food sounds perfect for a group of eleven year olds. When you average this group together, my assumption is that "meh" is more or less perfect. The quality becomes less important than the availability of familiar items for kids.

          2. There's a brunch buffet at the newish Tavern in the Square near the Burlington Mall. Speedy, but lots of options.

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              We have recently went to the Tavern in the Square, Burlington. Solid experience, make a reservation, place packed at 10 A.M. with people in the know. While making first run through buffet, you place your written choices for fresh omelet at station and when complete, they deliver to table. Especially attentive table service by server on a busy Sunday, we will return soon!