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Oct 8, 2012 05:05 PM

Day Trip from Florence??

We're looking for a place to drive, taste some RED wines, have a fantastic lunch....and come back to Florence in the evening. Where should we to all suggestions!!

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      1. re: sockster

        Read my posts on Lorenzo.

        You wanted to taste reds. An incredible list. Really spectacular.

        You wanted a fantastic lunch. For us, by far the most enjoyable (and by far the "best", whatever that means) food in Tuscany; nothing comes close. Superb ingredients, extremely well prepared. Both fish and meat. Service is impeccable, but casual.

    1. Depending on how many tastings the driver wants, you might consider taking the bus (about an hour trip) to Greve in Chinati. It has the Enoteca Del Chianti Classiso (with almost 100 wines), Macelleria Falorni (with salami salami), shopping and lunch places.