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Oct 8, 2012 02:48 PM

charlotte quick weekend eats?

In town for a weekend conf. staying out by Johnson and wales (fourth ward). no car but could catch a cab.
where to go?
already thinking maybe Queen city Q
other close not to miss suggestions?
we only have two days

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  1. In Uptown (within walking distance): The Kings Kitchen, Halcyon, 5Church, Dandelion Market, Harvest Moon Grill, Little Village Grill. In Southend (via light rail): The Liberty, Greek Isles, World of Beer. In Plaza Midwood (short cab ride): Lulu, Soul Gastrolounge, Bistro Labon, Midwood Smokehouse, Krazy Fish, Intermezzo.

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    1. re: carolinadawg

      dawg, thanks for the reply/suggestions. I thought I heard that Midwood was kind of meh. is queen city worth the visit. what's your top 2?

      1. re: cheffy52

        I think Midwood is great, haven't yet been to Queen City. Halcyon is prob my number 1, depending on what type of food, price and atmosphere you're looking for. I'd prob say 5Church would be 2, if you're looking for another "nice" experience. Krazy Fish has great food, in a dive atmosphere. Dandelion Market has excellent small plates in a pub like atmosphere. Again, really depends on what you're looking for.

        1. re: carolinadawg

          In addition to cdawg's recs, I'd add Customshop on Elizabeth St. It's just south of uptown and so a short cab ride. It's one of my top 3 favorite spots in Charlotte. I've never had a disappointing meal and the service and atmosphere are top notch, just like the food. Their prices are incredibly reasonable to boot.

          They recently revamped their menu and I was in last night. I had a sweet pea gnocchi with a lamb ragu and curry lamb sausage. My friend had the seared scallops with a pork belly and fall squash succotash. Both dishes were delicious. We ended with a cheese course (although I desperately wanted their bread pudding - it's the best in town. They also make 3 homemade ice creams and are currently serving up pumpking ice cream). We had a semi-hard sheep's milk cheese called Lamb Chopper & a soft, triple cream cow's milk cheese. They were served with thin toasts and jams and were very good also. There wine list is great as they have good choices in all price ranges and they offer bottles that you simply don't see on other menus. They attempt to source stuff locally and their fish and seafood dishes are stellar. Try the bbq octopus app (bbq refers to it being grilled, not bbq sauce) w/ lemon jam & a pepper aioli - wow!

          1. re: lynnlato

            Thanks Lynn, I checked out their menu and it looks really interesting. made a reservation just in case. So it looks like BBq on Friday and Customshop on Sat.

            1. re: cheffy52

              Sounds like a damn good plan to me.

              If you're going to Midwood Smokehouse and you like dirt bars, there is a great one just up the street from Midwood. It's called the Thirsty Beaver (1225 Central Ave). Cheap booze, a great jukebox and sometimes live music and interesting folks from the neighborhood.


        2. re: cheffy52

          +1 on Midwood. It's great and has been very consistent across several visits. Good pork, very flavorful ribs. The only consistency lapse I've witnessed was the brisket. I had it once when it was a bit dry and nothing special. A couple of other times it has been fantastic with a good mix of fat and lean. They also have very good sides.

          Queen City Q was just ok for me on one visit. The pulled pork was pretty dry and tasted like it had been sitting around. Sides were very good. I plan to try them again in hope that it was a bad day.

          I had better pork at City Smoke on a couple of visits, but it was still not as good as Midwood. Tasty pork, ok ribs, the brisket I got was either cooked too hot or not sliced to order or something - it was disappointingly dry and dense. But the pork was solid. Sides are pretty good. Advantage to QCQ on my limited experience with both.

          Sauceman's is also pretty good, but not a walk from downtown (easy bus ride though). Small, friendly, and the pork was very good. Lots of flavor and outside brown. Ribs were a bit dry but tasty. Their white slaw is what a good slaw should be - fresh, bright, a good compliment to the 'cue. I've only been once, but I will definitely be going here again.

          If I've got to choose one place for BBQ in Charlotte right now it would be Midwood.

      2. Ok we're back we ate way more than we should have. hit midwood, Kings kitchen and custom shop. don't ask me how we crammed all that in. and still had time for beers at City Smoke, cause it was close and had a really nice selection. funny thing was the bar keep kept asking if I wanted to try Founders or Oberon. to me those are local brews and an everyday drink. we went with the OMB copper and a few other local to you guys and they were great. I'd come back to Charlotte if given the chance.. where else can I get Q and French Macarons in the same block.