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Oct 8, 2012 02:11 PM

Italian for a group

I'm looking for an Italian restaurant that will accomodate a group of about 10 for my birthday dinner. I am a huge fan of good pasta dishes, so a good amount of choices in that department are a plus. Location can be anywhere in Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, Medford, or metrowest suburbs. Parking is a plus! A nice atmosphere would be great, but nothing super high-end. Any suggestions?

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  1. not sure how much you want to spend but for high quality homemade pasta and a nice atmosphere for a group your size, I'd try Da Vincis. Check their menu. Mama Maria's is great and has a private small dining room looking out on Paul Revere Square.

    1. L'Osteria in the North End has gotten a lot of love here recently - do a search on the Boston board. Very good food, not too expensive, but anyone driving will need to park and pay if you can't take the T.

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        My company uses L'Osteria as the venue for a semi-regular event when the sales folks are in town and they always do a solid job, despite everyone always being late and running outside to take calls, etc. They are great about sharing antipasti and all that. Very nice folks. Check out the pictures on their website to see if the atmosphere appeals.

      2. Il Casale in Belmont?

        1. Gran Gusto: Good Pasta, Cambridge, Parking, Nice atmosphere!