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Oct 8, 2012 01:09 PM

Nice Harbor East, Fells Point dinner with infant

My aunt and uncle are coming from out of town for our baby's christening, and want to treat us to a nice dinner. They are staying in Harbor East. Everything around there seems to be a chain restaurant, so we were thinking of taking them to Salt, one of our favorites. We like to patronize the localy owned places.

Needless to say, with a six month old, we have not been out for a "nice" dinner in a while. We are open to some quiet restaurants we could walk to from their Harbor East hotel that would be good with having an infant in tow on a Friday night. Or should we stick with our original choice? thanks!

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  1. Chazz or Lebanese Taverna might fit the bill. Always good food and both have been pretty quiet when I've been.

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      Lebanese Taverna was always very acccomodating of our kids when they were younger. There's also enough room between tables for a car seat. A mini-chain, but locally owned (DC/Baltimore).

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        Don't know if I would call Chazz quiet but it seems child friendly due to the energy of the place.

      2. We eat at salt at least 4 times a month. I would never take a six month old there. Stick with the hotel

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          While I agree with your assessment of Salt not being very kid-friendly, "Stick with the hotel" is not a very Chowhoundy bit of advice.

        2. We took our baby to Salt numerous times when she was that little, and we always found them to be very accommodating. Going on the early side is better (before 6:30, if not before 6), and make sure you let them know there'll be an infant when you make the reservation--they'd always make sure to seat us somewhere that would accommodate the car seat or high chair, and that would be somewhat out of the way so we wouldn't disturb other diners.

          That said, we've also had good experiences taking the baby to Lebanese Taverna and seen lots of other young families there. We haven't been to Cinghiale with our daughter, but if you go early enough that might be an option, too.

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            Thanks for the suggestsions. Of course, we are planning to dine around 6PM, so as to not disturb other diners, or disrupt babies schedule.