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Oct 8, 2012 12:45 PM

Who has the most comfortable seating in Toronto?

An odd question, to be sure, but with most places nowadays having seating that vaguely reminds me of my desk in high school, its one worth asking. Is there anywhere you'd gladly while away the hours comfortably without the need to go through a chair version of the full yoga by the end of the night?

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  1. most of the steakhouses have deep booths with cushy benches. i'm not a fan of steakhouses but it's the first thing that comes to mind. i have also found hotel restaurants to have bigger, more padded seating. maybe it's because they generally have more space in the lobbies so they don't have to pack everyone in so tightly

    1. The booths and chairs at Scaramouche are comfortable.

      I also find the seating comfortable at the Library Bar and the Consort Bar.

      Tom Jones and Barberian's have comfortable seating, too.

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        Opus has very comfortable leather arm chairs.

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          I'm with prima. Scaramouche chairs are very comfortable.

        2. Strange but true, I think Luma is a very comfortable space on the whole including the actual seating.

          1. Love these suggestions. Beau and I have been to all of them with the exception of Tom Jones Steakhouse. Any thoughts on how it compares with Barberians? I admit I'm a sucker for a pianist in a woody room, but Aaron Barberian is incomparable as a host. Oh and that wine list.

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              Not sure. My friends had the prime rib at Tom Jones, and I didn't order steak. Would think Barberian's would be a notch above for steak alone, but that Tom Jones is still a solid place for steak, with the perk of the piano.

              Thought the Tom Jones servers were the down-to-earth, old-school type, similar to some of the servers at Barberian's. Guess the host doesn't quite compare to Aaron Barberian, since I can't remember anything about our host.