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Oct 8, 2012 12:44 PM

reasonably priced anniversary meal (Cary/Apex/Raleigh)

Our anniversary is this Sunday Oct 14 and looking for a place for a nice meal but not expensive (my wife lost her job in August so we are on a tighter budget) We live in Fuquay so trying to stay in the Cary-Apex-downtown Raleigh areas. No chains, Hoping for some place new have already been to 18 SEaboard, J Betski's, Maximillians, Gravy, Sitti, the Pit, etc.

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  1. My wife just had her birthday and her wish is to go to Vic's (again). Great place in downtown Raleigh.

    1. If you like sushi Sono in downtown Raleigh is excellent. I didn't even use soy or wasabi because the rolls were so great.

      1. in Raleigh: Have you been to Poole's Diner? Or maybe Mandolin or Battistella's. Perhaps the newly opened Bida Manda?? Or Centro for upscale Mexican, or Zely & Ritz.

        1. How about Bella Mia in Cary? It's a pretty restaurant, not expensive, and best execution of pizza in the Triangle. You won't feel like you've compromised on anything.

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            on a side note.. how does bella mia stand against toro?

            1. re: burgeoningfoodie

              I tried to eat at Bella Mia once. Got there at 5:30 PM and there was already a 1.5 hour wait so we ate at An nearby instead. Haven't tried to go back since. So I can't do a comparison. I will say that I like Toro so much that I'll try Bella Mia only if I already happen to be in the area.

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                Now I'm confused.. you recommend bella mia and say it is the best execution of pizza in triangle, but then you said you tried to go once and never actually ate there and haven't tried since.

                Your first post sounded like you've been there before. If it weren't for the price, I'd got to An long before I'd go to Bella Mia at least for an anniversary.

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                  Bella Mia had a good crust, but was very skimpy on toppings the one time we went.

          2. Enrigo in Cary isn't very romantic, but you can sit outside and the food is delicious.

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              we ended up at The Pit but almost went to Bella Mia, had we not had Italian several times last week, hiope to go there soon

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                First time dining at Enrigo in Cary last night and can't wait to go back. We started with a bottle of Italian white, bruschetta, and minted zucchini on a bed of arugula. Really refreshing. We split the beet gnocchi and I don't think it would be an overstatement to call each bite "little morsels of heaven." I can't recall the last time I have had such billowy, soft gnocchi - not to mention the amazing flavor. Later, we had a trio of desserts: panna cotta with wild blueberries, tiramisu, and rosso vino geleƩ.

                The owner and staff were so sweet and attentive; the Chef came out and asked how everything was when it calmed down a bit. All the waitstaff that waited on us (+ the owner) and the chef are all native Italians; I really had a deliciously great time .

                I definitely recommend based on my first time experience. PS, Waitress, the little table in the corner was pretty romantic! ;-)