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Oct 8, 2012 11:30 AM

Cape Cod in November.. need suggestion for Chatham Area


Heading to Wellfleet for one night and then staying at the Wequassett celebrating our first anniversary. I'm planning on going to Blackfish for dinner in Truro for the first night and 28 Atlantic at the Wequassett for our last night splurge celebratory dinner. I need one other place around the Wequassett/Harwich/Chatham area. Any suggestions? I was thinking about Del Mar but i've never been. What's good and open this time of year?

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  1. I think Nauset Beach Club in Orleans is still open.....I haven't been yet, but I'm dying to go and hear nothing but great things from other hounds.

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      What a WONDERFUL trip...I concur on Del will balance out your dining experiences nicely...or Fin perhaps...or Ocean House.

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        Yes, Del Mar or Vining's Bistro (both in Chatham). I also like the Impudent Oyster. Sounds like a really nice trip.

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          After 10 years, and probably 40 trips, to the Cape, we finally went to Impudent Oyster during our last visit- and liked it so much we went back 2 nights later, and added it to our "must go" list when we are on Cape. Unless you want to sit at the bar to eat (and be prepared to wait if you arrive after 6:30), make reservations early- even on weeknights, the only res we could get was 5:30 or 9 - we chose the bar.

    2. Have always had great meals at both the Del Mar & Impudent Oyster. Probably best to make a reservation in advance for the Imp.Oyster; we always ask for a table in the lower level. It's much cozier. I'm pretty sure that Del Mar doesn't take reservations unless it's a larger party.

      Buca's Tuscan Roadhouse (on the Harwich/So.Chatham border) is another place that would be worthy of an anniversary dinner. Northern Italian menu. We always get the grilled Romaine salad as well as the Wild Boar (when it is on the menu).


      1. Thanks all for all of these recommendations! Just one question. Are these places open on Sundays in November?

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          Sundays in Nov.: Del Mar - no Buca's - yes Imp. Oyster - (95% sure) yes