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Oct 8, 2012 11:23 AM

Custom Order Cake - Riviera Bakehouse?

Hi All - We're planning my daughter's first birthday party and looking to find an aesthetically pretty and equally tasty sheet cake that won't break the bank. We live in Greenwich, CT and around here, Sweet Lisa's is all the rage for custom cakes. I've never personally seen or tasted her cakes but from the website they look stunningly gorgeous. Unfortunately their price tags are just as stunning. Rather than resort to a so-so cake from one of our local bakeries, what about Riviera Bakehouse? I had one of their custom cakes at a bridal shower a few years ago and remember it was quite tasty. And the cakes look pretty on the website. Does anyone have any recent experience with their special occasion cakes? And what about pricing? We need a cake to serve about 45-50 people. Just trying to determine if it's worth bothering to make the drive to Ardsley to check them out. (I have already called them and confirmed they would deliver to us for a delivery fee).

Thanks for your help!

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  1. I have ordered custom bday cakes from Riviera and while not bad they were not anything to write home about. IMO their cakes are the weak link in the chain when compared to their selection of savory items and some of their seasonal pies.
    I once ordered a bday cake for my husband from a woman (Nancy) who was referred by the poster "Avalondaughter" The cake was tasty was made exactly as I ordered, had very hefty layers, was made with quality ingredients, had just enough of a homemade taste/quality was delivered in a timely manner and was very reasonable especially compared to bakery prices.
    I can't find her website so I'm not sure if she is still baking. Nancy or Avalondaughter if you read this could you let us know your status...

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      My SIL has ordered her last 3 bday cakes from them and seems quite happy. the cakes are cute and tasted all right to me. They always get chocolate. No idea of the cost but she is willing to spend more on stuff than I am.

    2. Hi! A while back, I ordered a custom cake for my husband at Riviera. It was a chocolate cake with fudge and cookies & cream between the layers. It was outstanding - everyone commented on it. A good friend of my mom's had a cake made very recently- if I remember it was a vanilla cake with lemon curd. It was ok - I think they do chocolate particularly well.
      I don't think they deliver (you can call and ask) but I ordered a 1st Birthday cake for my son this past May at Flour and Sun in Pleasantville. Not too expensive - and the focus there is less on appearance and more about taste - but the cake was wonderful. (it was a strawberry sheet cake with strawberry frosting - a real hit!)

      Happy 1st Birthday to your Daughter! They grow so fast!

      1. We have always orderd our son's birthday cakes custom from Riviera (but they are local for us), and generally love them. Last year, for the first time we ordered a vanilla cake (since he was having his 6th bday party at a chocolate shop, I thought the usual chocolate cake would be too much) and I have to admit it was my least favorite. It was fine, just not great and we did not finish all the leftovers like usual. But thumbs up to the chocolate cake with strawberry or raspberry mousse !