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Oct 8, 2012 11:22 AM

LePigeon or Paley's for solo dining....

I'm headed to Portland this weekend and wrestling with LePigeon or Paley's for dinner on Saturday night. The boards seem split on these two. I'm also open to other suggestions for great food (something I could only experience in Portland) and a vibe that won't scream, "Look at her eating all alone!" Thanks in advance....

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  1. Folks eat alone here all the time. And many places have not only seats at the bar where you can eat, but also counter seating near an open kitchen.

    The counter seating at Le Pigeon is great, and that is where I would choose between those two.

    But there are also great choices like Ox and Roe, which also feature counter seating.

    1. Another vote of LePigeon. Was just there last week and sat at the counter. Great interaction with the chefs and great food. Enjoy!

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        Thanks. I'm also reading great things about the Imperial. On Sunday, I'd planned to hit Toro Bravo but would that be a disappointment with only one stomach?