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How to recycle broken mayo?

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I've been able to rescue broken mayo before, but this time it is utterly messed up. I've added extra egg yolk, more dijon, etc. etc., but no go. Is there anything I can make with this now? I hate to dump good olive oil and my backyard chickens' eggs.

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  1. How's the weather? If there's a front coming in with storm activity you can just forget it for now. If that's not the case then I'm as baffled as you are; those are the only circumstances where mine has failed to come together.

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      Weather is fine (here in Michigan). I'm wondering if I can just turn it into some sort of caeser salad dressing. I actually tried adding a third egg. It starts to thicken then turns into an olive oil smoothie.

    2. Set the broken mayonnaise aside.

      Get a new room temp egg and new room temp oil. Get the emulsion going. When this is in a satisfactory state, gradually combine in the broken mayonnaise.