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Oct 8, 2012 11:07 AM

place for crabs, oysters

a few los angelenos coming up for the seahawks game next weekend....we have enjoyed the oysters at elliots and will go there also a great spot for crabs? no need for fancy shmancy, just great crabs...dungeoness, king, that's what we'd like to try out.

many thanks for your tips.

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  1. Taylor Shellfish at Melrose is probably the place you're looking for.

    1. Bear in mind that Northwest King Crab comes from the Bering Sea in Alaska and standard operating procedure is to cook and freeze the crab legs aboard the boats. Consequently, Alaska King Crab served in Seattle is actually the identical product you'll find in LA and everywhere else. Even in Anchorage, it is very difficult to find King Crab that is not previously frozen.

      The peak of Dungeness Crab season is January and February, and the season does not even open until December. Sadly you may not find many restaurants featuring fresh Dungeness crab in October...sweet fresh crab meat tends to be one of the few redeeming features of our darkest winter months.

      Most of the better seafood restaurants change menus daily and will therefore be somewhat unpredictable, but for downtown seafood it is worth keeping an eye on Blueacre, it's sister restaurant Steelhead Diner in the Pike Place Market, Seastar, and Etta's (a Tom Douglas restaurant).

      I concur with dagoose about Taylor Shellfish as well.

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        Many thanks to you both.
        We look forward to our trip to Seattle!

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          The Dungeness Crab Festival is this weekend in Port Angeles...lots of Dungeness Crab there, but it's pretty far for a day trip from Seattle.

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            thanks for the info -- have to do that another visit, sounds dynamite

        2. For oysters, you want to go to a place called The Walrus & the Carpenter. It's a small place, and be warned - the line stretches out the door and around the block pretty quickly after open each night. But there's a reason for it.

          Other acceptable places for shellfish include How to Cook a Wolf and Seastar.

          As someone else mentioned, this is pretty much the worst time of year for crab, but Dahlia Lounge's dungeness crab cakes always impress.

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