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Oct 8, 2012 10:24 AM

HELP! Food shopping in Soho

Hi all. I just moved to Soho from the UES a few weeks ago and I am having a serious problem finding good places to go food shopping. Dean and Deluca is so overpriced, so that's out. I've been going to Gourmet Garage but their seafood counter is lacking. If I have time on the weekends I have been going to Chinatown, but I'm not sure what the best places are yet (any favorite places there?). I cook a lot of seafood, and am looking for very fresh produce.

Any suggestions? THANKS!!

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  1. Whole Foods Bowery is probably your best bet, as far as something close with a good fishmonger goes, depending how far West you live.

    You're not going to find sashimi-grade fish in Chinatown, so it kind of depends what you're looking for. The big, bustling markets tend to have the highest turnover and thus will likely be the freshest (Hong Kong Supermarket, New York Mart, Deluxe Food Market, etc.) but it ain't gourmet quality or anything. Most of your seafood's going to be previously frozen, with the exception of the live stuff in tanks.

    If you're on the Southern end, in Tribeca there's that new multi-market with a bunch of different stands (a la Essex Market) - All Good Things, on Franklin just off Church. Probably whoever's there is going to be in the D&D price range, though - but worth checking out.

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      Thanks SO much!!!!! SO helpful :)

    2. How about the Union Square Greenmarket? Only two stops away on the N/R.

      The Whole Foods Bowery seafood counter is hit or miss. Avoid their crab legs and their mahi mahi, at a minimum.

      Don't forget about FreshDirect.

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      1. There's also a big Whole Foods on Greenwich St near Chambers.

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        1. I used to live in Soho, and if you are looking for high quality without high prices you are asking for more than you are likely to find. Go to Chinatown when you can. Otherwise, you may want to order groceries online (Freshdirect, for example) or shop near where you work.

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          1. I don't live in NYC any more but there's also Trader Joes at Union Sq. Don't be shy with their frozen fish. It's actually pretty impressive quality with clean flavor and the fish is not brined (a lot of markets actually brine their "fresh" i.e. previously frozen fish!)

            There's a new gourmet Key Food that replaced the disgusting shit Key Food in TriBeCa off Fulton. It reopened brand spanking new not too long ago. Don't laugh :). It's really clean. lol

            Be thankful Gristedes no longer exists. Or does it?