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Oct 8, 2012 10:10 AM

Best Mexican in La Jolla?

Old family friends from Germany are visiting this weekend and have requested "Mexican" for dinner on Saturday night. I plan on taking them for a hike at Torrey Pines and then drinks at George's before dinner so I'm looking for Mexican in the La Jolla area. Any suggestions?

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  1. If you want simplicity, cross the street from George's to a place called Alfonso's. For sit down Mexican in that area, you probably won't find anything significantly better, IMO.

    1. The age old question, will you have a car?

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        I'm pretty sure that if they are taking them hiking at Torrey Pines and then to drinks at George's, they'll have a car. I suspect they don't want to travel too far, though, or they wouldn't have specified the La Jolla area.

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          If it were me, I'd get in a car or even take a bus, rather than eating Mex in LJ.

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            I just hit an invisible "like" button. So true.

      2. Two blocks south of George's is Porkyland. You order at the counter, sit at outdoor tables which are shared by several different restaurants. It's usually quite pleasant but can be busy. Porkyland is way less expensive than Alfonso's, more authentic, frequented by locals, and pretty tasty.

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          Good call with that courtyard seating they could share carnitas and tamales from Porky Land and Puerto Nuevo style, local lobster from Rimel's.

        2. If your having drinks at George's, Alfonso's is across the street and its decent and with great margs and lots of people watching on the patio.

          When I was a local, we all would hang at Su Casa over in Windnsea area of LJ..they do tableside guac and they make a great marg...decent food and they usually have a 2 for 1 coupon in the SD Reader.

          Porkyland and Rimels is a great call but there is no where to sit since Come on down and Market place takes all the outside seating, which is very limited.

          It's been awhile but we used to back in the days close down Jose's and sitting at one of those 4-6 tops at the open window overlooking the Pacific.

          I miss living in the village and eating and drinking my way home!

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            Joses! The front tables! My back-in-the-day was 2000-03. Stumbled home a few too many nights, but it was my first time living where I could drink and walk since NYC and boy, was it fun!

          2. "Best" Mexican can be deceptive because La Jolla's best isn't that great. I love Su Casa partly because I've been going there since high school (1971) and it is decent, old school, Sonoran style Mexican food. The kind of Mexican food we grew up on in the 60's and 70's in So Cal. Joe's in the same vein, but I like Su Casa better.

            I love Oscar's Mexican Seafood and El Pescadore, but they might be too down scale.

            Alfonso's is okay too, but I'd probably take Jose's or Su Casa over them, but it is a good place and a nice setting. I eat there too because I like spreading my business around and supporting local restaurants. Given that you are having drinks at George's, Alfonso's seems a pretty simple way to go.

            I don't think you'd have a bad meal at any of the places recommended, but they will be a far cry from SD's best.

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                    Yeah, I think so. It's been around since dirt. I think it moved to it's current location sometime in the early 60s. I think it was offering 9-12 by the 70s. but that was a very long time ago, so the memory may be somewhat faulty ;-)