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Oct 8, 2012 10:06 AM

Delicious and budget-conscious around CBD_also advice on Saints day-game logistics & dining

Hi chowhounders,

7th visit to New Orleans, staying at W on Poydras for a long weekend Mid November. Sadly, I am on a bit of a limited budget but want to treat my (NOLA resident) daughter to some fun meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner) in CBD or Warehouse district. We are pretty open as to cuisine; she goes to Domenica quite a bit, so looking for some other options.


Also, our Sunday in town is a Saints day-game, and although she may have plans I am wondering if you can suggest place for me to watch the game that is not too divey. Do some of the restaurants have special offers for Saints Sundays?

Thanks, I cannot wait to come back.

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  1. The great sandwiches made with superb house-cured meats at Cochon Butcher make it a great, inexpensive, casual spot to get a high quality lunch.

    I also like Cafe Adelaide on Poydras for lunch, same branch of the Brennan family as Commander's Palace, so they often have good fixed multi-course lunches, the 25 cent martinis, the famed turtle soup, etc. in a more relaxed CBD setting. Their bar (the Swizzle Stick) turns out some nice cocktails as well.

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    1. re: Gizmo56

      Thanks, Gizmo56, these are right up my alley!

      Love Swizzle Stick but have not tried Adelaide yet. [We had an amazing True Blood stars sighting/interaction at SS, and the waiter was hiiiilarious abou the whole thing!]

      Is Adelaide worthwhile for dinner, too?

      Daughter has had Cochon Butcher fare, and she agrees with you 100%. That might be good for me while she is at work.

      As far as breakfast: I was not thrilled with Ruby Slipper. Any other ideas if we want to stay in town for Saturday Sunday breakfast/brunch?

      1. re: karendor

        My two faves for weekend breakfast-brunch are each a bit of an excursion from the CBD: Elizabeth's in Bywater and Atchafalaya in the Irish Channel. Atchafalaya can easily be combined with shopping on Magazine afterwards. Both have great food, reasonable prices, and a relaxed vibe. Atchafalaya's Bloody Mary bar and Elizabeth's praline bacon are big draws in my world.

        If you venture into the Quarter, I'd suggest Stanley or The Old Coffee Pot. I've also heard good buzz lately here on Chowhound about Cafe Beignet for breakfast (they have a full menu, unlike Cafe du Monde).

        Very cool about the True Blood cast interaction! Yes, Adelaide is good at dinner too, I just think lunch can be the slightly better value.

        1. re: Gizmo56

          You get me Giz! Funny, we cancelled an Atchafalaya dinner, last trip, so that is a great recommendation, and we will have a car. Bloody Mary bar sounds amazing!

          I have wanted to do Elizabeth's since we first visited in 2010, but have not made it there, yet. I will see if she has been there yet.

          Since daughter is so local now we probably will not do much in FQ, but we have always preferred Cafe Beignet so that might be fun to try the breakfast, or i can do that while she is at work. We did not have a good experience at Stanley last time, but loved EAT. Have not tried TOCP.

          We have had two True Blood restaurant experiences: Herbsaint and Swizzle Stick. In both cases we were extremely cool and respectful. Perhaps not on a third time!

          1. re: karendor

            Wow, you are a True Blood magnet.

            Yes, the assortment of garnishes at the Bloody Mary bar will warm the hearts of anyone who like the idea of "have it your way" mary's.

            Sorry to hear your visit to Stanley was less than optimal. I have had good luck there, but sometimes it really is just a matter of luck.

          2. re: Gizmo56

            I wonder if Elizabeth's or Atchafalaya would be better pre-Saints game on Sunday 11/11, just thinking about avoiding traffic? I am thinking the latter. Looks like redgravy on camp street gets some love on other boards - Saturday only, but very budget-minded.

            1. re: karendor

              That's a good question. I assume that more traffic would be flowing toward the Superdome along St. Charles and Magazine than would be coming through Bywater and the Marigny, so my hunch would be that Elizabeth's would be the safer place to dodge the game day traffic. But tha's just my hunch.

              1. re: Gizmo56

                Wow, I just read your August trip report, impressive. Are you a writer?

                As it turns out we will likely be going to her church (St. Charles) on Sunday, and pushing up against that kick-off, so I have the feeling the leisurely brunch will be on Saturday. We may well be at the Rusty Nail for the Saints game which is walkable to the W.

                If you had to choose, Elizabeth's or Atchafalaya?

                1. re: karendor

                  If I were a writer, I'd be better at self-editing. :)

                  Choosing would be very painful...they both have their own breakfast charms. I love Elizabeth's funky neighborhood feeling. Even though you can't make your own Bloody Mary, they make a very good one. You can't go wrong at either place, but (for me) if I had only one breakfast, I guess it would be at Elizabeth's. A few of our photos are attached.

                  1. re: Gizmo56

                    Here's how it is looking so far -- keeping with the budget conscious theme, and arranging things around Darling Daughter's (DD) schedule:

                    • Thursday:

                    B, Mothers,
                    L, Cochon Butcher
                    D, Casamentos

                    • Friday
                    B, Hotel (Zoe)
                    L, Rouses CBD salad for me (she's at work)
                    D, Root

                    • Saturday
                    B/L, Afatchalaya Brunch or Bayona Light lunch. This is tough.
                    D, Maurepas Foods

                    • Sunday
                    B, Café Beignet
                    L, Slice Pizza to go for Saints game with DD and her friends. Convene @ hotel or Rusty Nail.
                    D, Swizzle Stick with light dinner @ Cafe Adelaide

                    • Monday - check out of hotel, do grocery shopping for DD. Parkway for dinner.

                    1. re: karendor

                      If it were me, I'd try to visit Surry's for breakfast either Thursday or Friday. It's an easy walk or a cheap cab ride and far better than Mothers. The hash is the best I've had (including my own, sadly) and their seafood-theamed omelets are excellent.

                      Also, if you're from a place where there's good pizza, Slice will disappoint. My experience there is that the service is indifferent and the crust soggy--if not actually wet. A better bet for pizza in that neighborhood (I'm assuming you're talking about the Slice in the Lower Garden) is the St. Charles Tavern. The boudin pizza is very good, I drive across town for that specially. Pizza being awfully subjective, I'm sure others have recommendations as well.

                      1. re: montuori

                        Surreys' - check for Thursday.
                        St Charles Tavern - check for Sunday. Location is well located for our Sunday needs; DD also affirms Midway on Freret has good deep dish.

                        JB, will check your two recommendations (below, assume they are bars) for the Sunday game venue. As always, appreciated!!!!!!

                        1. re: karendor

                          Mannings is Archie's sports restaurant/bar wth plenty of tvs.

                          1. re: JazzyB

                            re: Mannings... have to say we went recently and were pretty disappointed in the place. what self-respecting sports bar doesnt have draught beer? bottles only. boo. the food didnt do it for us either and it was really bright.

                            the concept was a great idea but we felt they missed it. ive overlooked Walk On's but evidently they placed highly in ESPN's best-sports-bar competition.

                            1. re: kibbles

                              Went to Mannings for a check out drink. The drinks were pretty good and decent priced, Didn't try the food but it looked a bit pricey. While my wife had a decent Sazerac i had a Houston beer! Terrible beer choices, although i was the only guy in the place drinking beer from a glass.

                              It looks like a great place to gather with a screaming crowd, with the food/drinks a bit better than the Dome and the overall cost less. It loses me at the screaming crowd.

                              1. re: collardman

                                i got to hit the dome for the first time -- was pleasantly surprised with the food: crab sliders and sweet potato & andouille ravioli!

                                1. re: kibbles

                                  We've had season tickets for years (loge club,which sells Copeland food) and I have not seen those items (admittedly we resv Domenica either before/after the game so we don't pay much attention). Where did you find this?

                                  1. re: JazzyB

                                    the bunker, i believe its called. lower level clubhouse. they had a couple "gourmet" stations...

                            2. re: JazzyB

                              Had a burger across the street at Ernst Cafe a couple of weeks ago and it was really good. Not in my top 10 burgers but still very good.

                    2. re: karendor

                      Perhaps Mannings or Walk Ons to watch the game. No first hand knowledge since I'm at the dome if they are home and at home if they're away.

                      1. re: JazzyB

                        Here's what I got, this is budget minded but still gets me some great tastes and different types of ambiance.....Staying at the W except for the last night.

                        • Thursday:
                        B, Surrey’s Lower Garden --I can take the Magazine bus, hopefully :/
                        L, Cochon Butcher
                        D, Casamentos or ?

                        • Friday
                        B, Commerce Restaurant (quick, close, cheap)
                        L, Rouses
                        D, Root (Reserved)

                        • Saturday
                        B, Probably just Community Coffee!
                        L, Bayona (Reserved, early lunch)
                        D, Maurepas Foods

                        • Sunday
                        B, Café Beignet or Red Gravy, depending on time constraints
                        L, St Charles Tavern for Saints Game pizza and drinks, or Midway on Freret
                        D, Swizzle Stick/Adelaide for drinks light dinner

                        • Monday
                        B/L, Last minute decisions depending on my food stamina, maybe Riccobonos
                        D, Parkway

                        • Tuesday - airport .

                        1. re: karendor

                          I was not impressed with Midway's pizza. Chicago thick crust ala Pizza Hut.

                          1. re: karendor

                            I've heard some awful things about St. Charles Tavern from a chef friend of mine, just food for thought. Across from St. Charles Tavern is the Irish House, which has some pretty decent food, Tv for the game, and they pour an excellent Murphy's Stout.

                            If you end up on Freret, my personal fave is the High Hat. AWESOME brunch specials on the weekend, hand mixed sodas and lemonades, great regular menu, delicious cocktails and beer, and also, PIE.

                            1. re: noradeirdre

                              About the first mention of the Irish House. I attended a dinner meeting there and was impressed. Not gourmet (nowadays I'm not sure what that is) but good decent pub food and a very nice choice at the bar(s)

                              1. re: collardman

                                I'm with you. It has been an occasional stop for me (they once kept a hat on mine on the hook for several weeks so I'm automatically favorably disposed). Good beer and soccer/football fans who actually know what they are looking at and who tend to keep the howling down...most times. IT is great on days like today and then take the streetcar back uptown or whereveer. As you say, decent pub stuff.

                                You are aslo right about "gourmet"..I think the same with 'fine dining."

                                1. re: collardman

                                  Better than pub food. The stew is wonderful. The chef/owner Matt Murphy was formerly at the Ritz Carlton. He's top notch.

                              2. re: karendor

                                I don't eat breakfast but make an exception for Cafe Beignet. It's on my list twice this week :-) Love their beignets and my husband loves their breakfast croissants.

                    3. re: karendor

                      Sylvain in the quarter has a great brunch. some of the best grits anywhere, good carbonara, and a nice courtyard. they need a drink special tho.

                  2. The best place in the CBD/Warehouse district on game day is any place you can get a table. No reason for restaurants to have special offers, as they'll already be picked. Avoid the Walk-On's sports bar block like the plague. Avoid Elizabeth's in Bywater...strange that anyone recommends it. I'd drive and hit lower Magazine St. restaurants.

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                    1. re: nolala

                      Thanks everyone for updates on Game Day spots (not CBD) and other budget conscious meals (other than Game Day) for my upcoming stay. It is just two weeks from tomorrow -- and I CANNOT WAIT! i am sure things will change from my itinerary above. I know Bellocq's is in the mix, just not sure when. Now that noradeirdre mentioned pie @ High Hat, we may have to fit that in too!

                      Irish House looks like a good spot to watch the game, and catch a bite, especially if I am on the streetcar. Since we will be coming from DD's church on St. Charles, Irish House makes sense, and thanks for the heads-up on SCT and Midway Pizza. If crowds/parking are too nuts our back-up plan = bring takeout back to the hotel -- which is why the pizza joints got on the list.

                      I wish I had time for one more leisurely brunch, but not in the cards this trip. Excited about Bayona Saturday lunch special, and looking forward to at least four NEW spots for me:Root, Cochon Butcher, Surrey's & Maurepas Foods.

                      1. re: karendor

                        Don't know what the problem with Walk-Ons. We had a great time there. The beer was cold and the food was excellent. Sport Illustrated voted it the best sports bar in the country. I know what the big thing will be said is what does a sports magazine know about food and beer. I believe it was right on the money.

                        1. re: ilikeNOLA

                          Best Sports Bar In th Country? Good God...maybe, becuase they are in New Orleans and competition is tough, they've done a better job. I cannot say that the burgers I have had at the one in Baton Rouge are bad but on the two occasions I have been dragged there I have been simply miserable. My real problem is finding a place WITHOUT televisions.

                          1. re: hazelhurst

                            yeah - even the old heroin bars on lower decatur have flat panels these days. sheesh.

                            1. re: hazelhurst

                              Here, here. What place isn't a sports bar anymore? It's ridiculous.