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Oct 8, 2012 09:32 AM

Site very slow + constantly being logged off + old cached profiles loading


The site is slowing down significantly for me now the past few days.

I keep getting "logged off" by the system when I go back to my profile page after reading a thread, and the server loads an old profile page for me after a while. Clearing my cache (including throwing out the entire cache folder and forcing the browser to rebuild it) helped only once in loading the correctly updated page (e.g. the thread I just read appears with the new flag on it, same "last post", as opposed to the thread appearing with the new flag on it, same "last post")

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  1. For the past two days I've had trouble with my browsers, both Safari and Firefox, being able to even locate the page. It takes many attempts just to get the site to come up.

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    1. re: Lotsofscots

      I use Foxfire and have experienced the same for since Sunday.

      1. re: meatn3

        I just tried to refresh by clicking on "my profile" to see updates on threads I've participated on. It keeps showing my prior post here as 1 min. ago (it was over 6 hrs. ago). It won't show an updated listing.

        1. re: meatn3

          I find that of late I need to CONSTANTLY clear my browser cache (did I mention CONSTANTLY?) to see updated profile pages, and even thread pages in some cases. Very, very unfriendly of the site.

          1. re: huiray

            I've never had to do that. Not once. I'm not saying it's not happening to you; there clearly is some problem with how your computer is interacting with Chowhound, but based on my experience, it's not a site-wide issue.

            1. re: huiray

              Well, after I posted my immediately prior response above I clicked on "Huiray (View Profile)" at the top of the page and this is what I got: (screen capture)

              1. re: huiray

                And now, 15 minutes later, the updated profile page does load for me, as it does intermittently in the past few days. I don't need to *always* clear my cache, but CONSTANTLY is still the operative word to describe past activity over the last few days.

                1. re: huiray

                  The above post was the 10th post on this thread. I clicked on "Huiray(View Profile)" again after I posted that post above and this is what I got:

                  1. re: huiray

                    BTW I checked this browser (FF 15.0.1; on Mac OS10) with another forum which displays time info for the posts too - no problems there, after I open and read a thread there on a sub-board - where the "last post" has a time stamp - I click on the link that goes back to that particular sub-board and I get the "updated" page for the sub-board with the updated time stamp showing that that "last post" was made at x+(time I spent reading the thread/post) time. All without my touching my cache for FF.

                    Interestingly, the non-updating generally does not occur in CHROME. I did have to clear the Chrome cache once to get the updated page in my profile once, but that was an exception.

                      1. re: RUK

                        Perhaps it matters? (Engineering - would it?)
                        I have had no problems with "time-sensitive" posting/updating anywhere else on other websites. Just here.

                      2. re: huiray

                        OK, it is happening again in Chrome. So it is happening intermittently with that browser too.

                        1. re: huiray

                          ...and it is now loading outdated profile pages even after I have cleared my cache (before calling up my profile page). Just now, the loaded profile page said there were "15 posts, last updated 6 minutes ago". After clicking on the thread the full thread shows 15 posts, updated 41 minutes ago.
                          [This post constitutes the 16th post]

                          1. re: huiray

                            ...and right now (10.41 am US EDT) the updated profile pages are being loaded without my touching the cache.

          2. ...and now we are back to getting processing errors.

            " An error occurred while processing your request.

            Reference #97.4f36d640.1349715986.12001255 "

            while looking up .

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            1. re: huiray

              Another one:

              " An error occurred while processing your request.

              Reference #97.ed22f5cc.1349717369.1a87d0e0 "

              and another:

              "An error occurred while processing your request.

              Reference #97.ed22f5cc.1349717409.1a87d7bd "


              1. re: huiray

                i just got that same type of error message trying to load my profile/home page. couldn't connect to the site at all earlier today, and pages are loading really slowly.

                no problems anywhere else on the web, just here.

            2. anyone in Engineering looking at this? still having the same painfully slow loading issues today.

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              1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                Unfortunately we've been a little silent because we don't have anything great to report yet. These errors are happening a little inconsistently. We have a couple leads and we're investigating. We are paying close attention to site-talk and to the problems you are reporting, but I don't have any great news yet. We haven't been able to narrow the problem down precisely as of yet.

                I will say that the Reference # errors that you've posted here have been quite useful and do provide us with some leads. We also were able to reproduce some similar problems locally yesterday and capture some useful data, so hopefully we'll have this worked out in the near future.

                1. re: meshane

                  Great - thanks for letting us know. I hope you didn't think I was being bratty, I just wanted to make sure someone was at least on the case! :)

                  1. re: meshane

                    Here's another error message obtained when I tried to view the picture in a post:

                    "An error occurred while processing your request.

                    Reference #97.1e8502cc.1349818318.b04b82a "

                    1. re: meshane

                      FYI, I continue to have the "old profile" / non-updated issues I described above. It still comes and goes. Cache clearing, again, does not always fix the problem today.

                      1. re: huiray

                        Hi Huiray,

                        Clearing your cacheing isn't going to fix the problem for you in this case. Your profile is being cached by a server in between your computer and our servers when it's not getting a timely response from our servers.

                        - Shane

                        1. re: meshane

                          Thanks, that does clarify one issue. I had thought the old pages were being loaded from cache on the CH server.

                  2. My problems seem to have cleared up.

                    Edit: spoke too soon. My Profile still having space/time issues.

                    Another edit: Interesting...each time after I posted I immediately clicked on my name/view profile at the top right corner. My threads were up to date. Then I clicked on a past thread, read, reclicked name/view profile. Once back my threads were not up to date - order and time stamps were from sometime hours in the pass.
                    So posting seems to update things a little. Visiting an old participated thread makes it revert. I haven't yet read a new to me thread...

                    1. OK, this is a bizarre one: the profile page loaded for me just a couple minutes ago showed that a thread had a new post from a poster two hours ago - see 1st screen capture. On opening the thread, that "last post" dated back to probably the one by the poster TWO DAYS before, and the full thread indicates there are 52 replies whereas the "profile page" shows only 41 replies!!!

                      WOW, that is quite some old cached profile page being loaded. WHERE are these ancient profile pages coming from??!!!