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Oct 8, 2012 09:31 AM

Logged in incorrectly

That was the oddest thing I've ever encountered but I input the into my browser address and it pulled up but had me logged in as user cleobeach (whom I've never met or talked to before). That was just bizarre since it appeared I had taken over his/her account as his/her saved boards showed up and not mine. Definitely wacky and I can't even begin to understand how that happened.


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  1. No cause for alarm- this is strange behavior, but I can at least assure you that you weren't "really" logged in as another user.

    CHOW uses a variety of caching techniques to speed up the site- the tools take snapshots of data or webpages, then hold onto them to be displayed quickly later. When everything is working correctly, all of this happens "under the hood"- you'd never know it was there. However, when something goes wrong- say, a page fails to load- the cache will occasionally fall back to the last complete snapshot it has stored and send you that instead of an error page.

    In your case, you were sent the most recent snapshot of the homepage, which was apparently created when cleobeach loaded the page some time before you did. His or her name was captured as part of the snapshot, but that's as far as it goes: you did not have access to that user's account.

    This is admittedly a counter-intuitive and occasionally startling feature, and we're looking into other alternatives. Our apologies for the confusion, and thank you for your patience.

    1. Okey dokes. As long as you guys say it's ok!

      1. The problem that caused this should now be resolved.