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Oct 8, 2012 09:19 AM

New in Bellingham - Cheese Meat(s) Beer

Walked by them (in Whatcom Museum building) early yesterday morning. Looks interesting. Found their website:

Anyone been ?

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  1. They've been open since early summer, I think. Seen some good press, but since I don't eat meat or drink much beer their biz name hasn't been a big draw for me. Noticed it has always been very busy on Friday Art Walks. Even thought it's not my thing, I hope they make it. Sort of off the beaten path for a resto.

    1. I went in here intending to eat lunch. I didn't realize that they didn't have a "full menu" on the weekends. They only had a few items like pastry, cheese plates and soup. We were the only customers in the place at noon. The counter person let us know before we sat down that there is not a full menu and said if we left she would understand (?). It was kind of weird. She said the chef cooks really amazing food (all "farm to table") and really great quality dishes. Too bad they didn't serve it. We left.

      I would like to come back and try the food but I usually go out for lunch (and for beer/wine) on the weekends so I am not sure when I would get back there as I don't drink in the middle of the work day.

      I don't know, it strikes me as a strange business model for a restaurant (or a "gastro pub type place") not to do food on weekends.

      1. Closing soon, so if you want to check it out, do it soon. Here's their announcement:

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          Hmm, that didn't last too long. Thx for the heads-up, LC.

          And y'all have a great NYE and 2013 NY !!!!!