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Oct 8, 2012 09:15 AM

My better half finds this disgusting...Should I stop?

My job requires that I work out of my home office at least a couple of mornings each week. My routine consists of a light breakfast, then I'll brew a pot of coffee that I'll sip on while I make phone calls, answer emails etc, for a few hours.

My dilema is that frequently, I'll finish about half a cup of coffee before it gets cold. If I pour fresh, hot coffee into my cup, the cold coffee makes the entire cup luke warm. If I dump out the half cup of cold coffee, I always run out of coffee. My solution is simple. I just pour the cold coffee back into the hot coffee pot, and then pour a new cup. It's always hot!

Pouring my coffee from a cup that I was drinking from back into the pot really bothers her, but I'm the only one here that drinks it. I would never consider doing that if others were there, but it's only me! Even if she occasionally wants a cup, I still don't see the big deal, heck we share drinks all the time.

Do you think I'm off base on this?

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  1. share living quarters, a bed, and (presumably) close personal contact, and she's worried about the coffee that she rarely drinks?

    1. Maybe you don't have one, but for me this is why microwave ovens were invented.

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        1. I do that, when the whole pot is mine. Compromise by agreeing to wash the carafe before making a fresh pot.

          1. I expected something really bad from this title, like, sucking bone marrow right from the bone while watching tv in bed. I am fairly easily grossed out by people's odd eating habits (my husband eating chicken cartilage makes me nuts; I have to leave the room) but your offense is so minor, I can't imagine anyone being bothered by it. So I rule in favor of you.

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              Exactly. Generally, I'd say that if your SO thinks something is disgusting, you should refrain just out of courtesy. But this is really beyond what one can reasonably be disgusted about.

              1. re: Ruth Lafler

                Thanks for the responses, they are kind of funny! The odd thing is, she's really not fussy about anything else! I do eat chicken cartilage and suck bone marrow (although not in bed) and it doesn't bother her.

                I'm not going to throw her down the stairs though....That might be a little extreme.