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Oct 8, 2012 08:43 AM

Best delivery in North London

Hi chowhounds,

I live in the Highbury & Islington area and am in the market for good delivery food options. Right now we have only one that is decent (the Tiffin Tin), but it would be nice to have a few in a range of cuisines. I've ordered from a few places and been deeply disappointed. While it is always preferable to go out or cook in every now and then you just need to order in!

Thank you in advance for your help!

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  1. It's a difficult area delivery in London. There is very little that is any good.

    Firezza is about the best Pizza we've had in the Highbury area. It's not brilliant but it's good.

    Housebites is good but haphazard as to time and day and which chef is cooking at any one time.

    I think you will be just out of the radius of Pham Sushi which is the best sushi delivery I've found.

    Sedap at Old Street delivers penang food but again depending on where you are in Islington you might be just outside the delivery zone.

    The final once is Deliverance. It's not incredible but for a Sunday evening their offering is pretty decent. Don't have the pizzas though.

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      Deliverance was such a disappointment! Don't get the burgers or chips either.

      Rosa's Thai delivers pretty far north into Islington (I can't tell you how excited I was to learn that).

      Sasa Sushi is decent but expensive.

      Shanghai for Chinese - decent, not great.

      For something different, Azeri is ok, and Everest Spice for Nepalese is decent.

      Good luck - Islington is not quite the culinary wasteland some thing it is, but it could be much better.

    2. Very prescient thread as I was just working through my options - though I'm on the south end of your area (N1). Agree with the Man re Sedap, Pham and Firezza. Those are my go to options.

      Other options - though you'll need to check the delivery area - are;

      Yelo Thai - serviceable Thai - we stick to the basics - my wife is eating their pad thai as I type - I wasnt in a Thai mood

      Gourmet San - I was surprised to find out they deliver to me - menu linked below - you can read the board for reviews - you need to order based on what travels well as my experience is that their delivery guys can take a long time - I would recommend the lamb skewers and the cold shredded potato if they'll deliver to you

      I'm still looking for a good Indian that will deliver - I tried to talking the Delhi Grill guys into delivering. They said the used to, though they didnt get much business.

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      1. re: NYLONDave

        Yes it's maddening the Delhi Grill stopped delivering. Both they and the Afghan kitchen do walk-in takeaways though if you are at the south end of N1.

        The Tiffin Tin doesn't go to N1 so can't recommend a curry place unfortunately.

        1. re: ManInTransit

          Weird. I was told that Delhi Grill stopped delivering because they're too busy in the evenings in the restaurant itself. Highly recommend eating in, anyway!

          In response to the OP - do try Coconut Grove for a Thai takeaway. It's not going to blow you away but it's a solid delivery option and not expensive.

          1. re: PigsOnTour

            Yes agree the Delhi Grill is sensational. We live so close that we always eat in - it's probably been a year since I've taken away so worth confirming that.

            Albeit collections will be a much much lower volume than if you offer deliveries.

      2. Holy Cow is a great Indian delivery-only operation, and according to their website, are opening a branch in Chapel market soon (98 Chapel Market, 0207 837 3473). That should cover Highbury.

        Not cheap, but better than restaurant quality;I love their slightly scorched wholemeal rotis.

        1. I'm pretty sure Azeri Cusine near Kings Cross would deliver to you. I haven't had there delivered food but did take some home in boxes and it held up ok. It's an interesting mix, and I think you'd probably want to stick to the rice-based dishes, but it's keenly priced and quite tasty

          1. I live in the Highbury end of H & I - N5, down past Highbury Barn. Best options I have in that area are Cocnut Grove for thai (as posted above, not amazing, but solid), Au Lac for Vietnamese. Decent Chinese delivery - I've never found it. Never. Please share if you do. Pasta and Pizza - Il Bacio. I've had some good hot food delivered from Sushi Yaki, but the reviews are a little inconsistent. Delivery food isn't all that great in this area, because most of my favourite places are way too busy to even consider offering a delivery service!

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            1. re: ultimatepotato

              Have to update what I wrote - Sakura Sushi, rather than Sushi Yaki.