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Oct 8, 2012 08:37 AM

Solo dining, Baltimore

I'm in town for a convention. Staying at the Renaissance Inner Harbor. Have at least dinner tonight solo. Any recommendations for a first-time visitor to your city? Some parameters, slightly pregnant woman with current seafood aversions. Looks like crab cakes will have to wait. Otherwise loves food and lively (but not rocking) atmosphere. Since it's just me, an otherwise difficult place to get into with a bar to dine at would be great. Any Baltimore Institutions or must-try-when-here restaurants would be great. Open to taking the water taxi or a cab.

Coming from Seattle, so we get quite a bit of Asian cuisine (so not a priority) but open to ethnic, comfort, local or fusion cuisines. Broad parameters, but I'm pretty easy to please.


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  1. Two blocks away: B&O. Not sure how many cocktails you will be putting back (if any) given gestational status, but great drinks and food is solid.

    Harbor East (quick cab ride): Otherwise difficult place to get into--Charleston. Bar allows a la carte dining (not available tableside).

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      B&O is a good choice and I have seen folks eating at the bar there. Also in Harbor East, near Charleston is Cinghiale, a lovely Italian place with prices to match, but a good bar to sit at.

    2. I had one of my best dining experiences solo at Charleston. I did not sit at the bar. They put me at a lovely table with view of the harbor. An investment but worth the experience if you can get in.

      1. I did go to Charleston and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I sat at the bar and the environment started very quiet/stuffy, but another solo diner ended up there and we struck up a nice conversation.

        I had 4 courses. My favorite was the beet tartare and least favorite the foie gras. The fg was a generous portion and came as the last course. I might have enjoyed it more if not so full. Flavors were excellent, portions and presentation right on and overall a delight.

        Thanks for the recommendation. Easily the best meal I had in Baltimore.