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Oct 8, 2012 08:35 AM

Wows for Wexler's (SF)

Saw them on Adam Richman's Greatest Sandwich In America and was instantly intrigued. Had the opportunity to grab a couple of drinks and small plates before heading up Nob Hill for a concert at the Masonic. I really despise San Francisco, but I love this place!

Groovy room with a nice, warm vibe. Service was friendly and low-key. VERY impressive cocktail menu... you are in the presence of expert mixology. I went with the Tequila Rocket, which was made with homemade hot sauce, house-smoked bitters, a couple of other house-made liquids I could not identify and muddled arugula and fresno chiles. Can you say fabulous? I knew you could. Unique and totally refreshing.

I went with the oysters and the scotch egg small plates. The oysters were creamy and small, guessing Kumamotos. Served on a bed of smoked cauliflower puree that had me licking the shells. A dab of radish salsa and a thin slice of fried caper berry topped the bivalves. Another unique prep.

Scotch eggs were a bit more traditional, but with a spin. Instead of sausage the eggs were coated in burnt ends before being breaded. The were cooked perfectly, with a still runny yolk at the center. They were surrounded by dabs of their homemade hot sauce and a stripe of sweet tea gastrique. Way yummy!

If I'm forced to visit SF again you can be sure I will assuage the misery of the experience with a visit to Wexler's.

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  1. Thanks for the report. The cocktail sounds fabulous, although why I should trust the judgement of someone who (a) has the poor taste to "despise" San Francisco, and (b) has the poor manners to say so on this board, I don't know.

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      I was delightedly buzzed by the Manhattan and loved the banana cream pie for dessert - so it's the cocktail and sweets that will draw me to return to Wexler's. Sadly, I can't recall the entree at all.

      1. re: Cynsa

        I had dinner at Wexler's for the first time about three weeks ago. Cocktails were really good. Our mains, however, were quite oversalted. I had the short ribs and the potatoes on which they sat were very, very salty. My date had the fish of the day, it was nicely crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. But again, heavily salted. Our starters, a salad and shrimp and grits, were not oversalted, so maybe this was just some kind of aberration.

        Too full for dessert.

      2. re: Ruth Lafler

        Thanks Ruth, I couldn't have put it more graciously myself.

      3. Made my reservations for this Friday immediately after seeing the Check Please Bay Area episode. Am excited, and will report back. Just wondering if you would say there is value for your money just so I can have an expectation. TIA.

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