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Oct 8, 2012 07:44 AM

Zwillings/ Demeyere Warehouse Sale

Has anyone been to a Zwillings/Demeyere Warehouse sale.

Was calling Demeyere to get some questions answered....turns out they also will be having a Zwillings (umbrella) warehouse sale that also has Demeyere next week as well as the week after T-Day.

Not sure how the discount or selection is. Worth the drive ?

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    Is the New York location the only one? With the Staub and Demeyere brands under the corporate umbrella, it would be worth a reasonable drive to me - though not all the way across the CONUS.

    1. Eh. I rarely shop at these things. Unless there was major discounts......between the cost of gas and time, the savings are negated....

      I have too much cookware to boot already.
      I'm Jonesing for a large rondeau --- but if Atlantis was at some crazy killa pricing, then maybe it would be worth the effort.