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Oct 8, 2012 07:36 AM

Heading back to the city I love---what's new?!

So heading back to town for Voodoo fest. It's been a year since my last trip and I'm looking for suggestions for anything new and exciting that opened in the last year OR some favs I may have been missing. Caveat is my gfriend who is a NOLA virgin and I want to show her some of my favs and the classics too.

Staying in the Quarter but willing to travel anywhere in the city and staying 5 nights so plenty of time

I'm ok with upscale but like hidden gems as well. To give you some of my favs:

-I love Dick and Jennys, Cochon, Mimi's in the Marigny, Jaques on Tuesday before seeing Rebirth at the Maple Leaf. Been to August and loved it. Done the Emerils thing and will likely bring her to lunch there during the week for the special if they still have it since I think it's solid.

Never did Kpauls and think I should. Thought about Re'evolution. Think I'm going to hit Herbsaint this time around since I've never been there either.

I welcome your thoughts.

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  1. Sounds like you have some great spots picked out. My faves are generally Uptown and Carrollton side of town with a bistro-style atmosphere: Coquette, Patois, Boucherie and Dante's Kitchen for brunch. I need to look into the Emeril's special too, so please repost on this discussion link if you find out anything. Have fun, sounds amazing. I go in November.

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      Emeril's Lunch Crunch from their website.....
      3-courses for $22.50 - oh yeah, babe! Join us Monday thru Friday during lunch to have a taste of Emeril's, whether you're crunching numbers or in a crunch for time. Chef Slater's three-course menu has all of the flavor you expect from Emeril's, but won't drag you down on your busy work day.

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        If you had to choose Patois or Coquette..which would you choose?

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          Oh, boy, there are so many posters on this Board better than I to answer as I have only been twice to each, and the last time was almost a year ago. Coquette (downstairs) in my mind is younger, hipper, noisier and more fun than Patois. I have not been to Coquette upstairs.

          Patois is a bit more conservative, but can be very romantic and intimate. My best experience at Patois was a late lunch, and my dinner there a bit disappointing. I do think the emphasis on local food is a big more pronounced at Patios, and we got to meet the chef who is charming.

          Coquette did not disappoint either time. My only (very mild) complaint about Coquette is that the wait staff seem a bit glib about the menu and/or somewhat pushy about post-dinner drinks, but that is very minor. So I guess Coquette wins today. Are you seeing any personal preferences regarding the current menus?

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            I'd choose Coquette but don't overlook Lilette. Been to R'evolution 4 times and it's been very good every time. Try the chicken and waffles on Emeril's lunch menu.

        2. Tedy, if you haven't been to Herbsaint, make sure you go, at dinner anyway. If it's that or RR, at least at this stage of RR's existence, choose Herbsaint.

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            Coquette. They are on top of their game of late, added a really talented sous chef, Mason, after their other venture, Sweet Olive, closed. He was doing some fantastic cooking at SO, that skill has been absorbed at Coquette.

          2. Did ya hear Green Day cancelled?

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                    Thanks everyone. I'll let you know where we go for sure!

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                      OK, so it took my a while to get to this...but we had a blast as usual, and once again can't wait to go back...once my liver and heart heal ;)


                      ROOT- what an awesome place. Decor was casual and comfy, service was excellent, and the food was spot on. A great place, and aLOT different than many of the places down there, so a great change up for foodies.

                      The Butcher-and Cochon- We ate at Cochon again (couldn't help it) and it was excellent as always. Had lunch at the chef's table and the roaster oysters really are amazing. I have to say, though, that the Butcher really stole the show for my girlfriend. The sandwhiches are truly amazing. The hot dog was awesome and the mac and cheese was probably even better (although not by much)....Grab a lunch there is you go for sure!

                      K-Paul- we did the lunch there and the gumbo was amazing, the entrees awesome. Probably the most pleasant surprise we have for the quality of food vs the price.

                      Happy Hour at American Sector- yea, the place looks and feels like an aiport terminal but the prices on Happy Hour are great and the food was too. Empandas and hot dogs Besh style..

                      Willia Mae's- I know this place get's mixed reviews on this board...but I've been 3 times now and it keeps AMAZING me how good the damn chicken is!!


                      Green Goddess- the menu was amazing but the food didn't deliver. Wish I could try it again, but execution was just terrible. They couldn't poach an egg right (and had two tries).

                      There was more for sure, and I'll post and comment when I can....Thanks again for the input!