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Oct 8, 2012 07:23 AM

Making a mother yogurt starter from dried tamarind and dried chili pepper.

Some of you know of my interest in making a yogurt starter without starter bacteria or a prior container of yogurt. I was able to do this with fresh stems from red chili peppers and have been wanting to try another method someone posted about.

They said their mother-in-law used to use a dried tamarind and a dried chili pepper to start the starter.
I tried this last evening and I can say that it seems to work. I have Generation Zero and tonight I will be making Generation 1.

The final product is firm and thick like Greek yogurt. It has an aroma of the musky tamarind. The dried chili pepper has stained it a bit.

The tamarind came from one of our local asian chains -- H-Mart. The dried chili is a cascabel from Penzey's. Because the chili package warned that the seeds were quite hot, I removed them.

I have a slide show here

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    1. re: hayley3

      I was able to do 2 more generations -- the staining from the red chili is gone; it has a thick consistency. No bell pepper aroma but a distinct after-bite of chili. I won't be using it for a full 6 cups of yogurt until the chili bite goes down some more.