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Oct 8, 2012 07:18 AM

Is there anyplace like Russ & Daughters in Boston?

For those who are unfamiliar, Russ & Daughters is a shop in Manhattan that, among other things, makes phenomenally good lox, cream cheese, and bagel sandwiches. A couple of years ago, on a visit, I had a toasted everything bagel with scallion cream cheese and hand-sliced Nova lox, and that damn sandwich is currently haunting my dreams. Anyplace in greater Boston where I can hope to replicate the experience, or do I need to get on the train south?

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  1. No. You might try Bazaar International Gourmet on Beacon Street in Brookline:

    As far as great lox & bagel that meets your expectations, Lendy's Deli in Saugus is very good, probably the best I've had like a real NYC delicatessen.

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      The Allston location of Bazaar also has a remarkable selection of preserved fish. I always get kind of paralyzed when I look at that section because I just don't know where to begin.

    2. In short, no. R&D does deliver, it just costs a lot. I am partial to Barry's Village Deli in Waban if you are looking for the experience and some good Deli food (fresh bagels, but not made in house, both nova and belly lox). If I were trying to make the best bagel and lox possible in Boston, I would order delivery from R&D and get fresh bagels (whatever is warm) from Katz's in Chelsea.

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        Agree completely.

        No real substitute for R & D in Boston. I'm a 30+ year Boston reident by way of NY and really dislike the BOS/NY comparisons but we simply don't have that kind of store. Even NY only has a few. Barry's is my "go to" in BOS but I've heard good things a bout the place mentioned in Saugus and a place in Swampscott..Evanss? I do shop at Bazaar also.

        eta..Michaels, which is named later in the thread is also on my list...1 of my favorite for corned beef.

        There was a store on Harvard St,, Brookline that trucked in smoked fish from R & D but they closed a few years ago.

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          Did not know that something in Boston with a real fish platter other than lox even existed in the Boston area. Definitely going to give Barry's a try. Thanks!

        2. There is nowhere like R&D in Boston. However the hand cut nova lox from The Butcherie in Brookline is excellent and up to the task of replicating your experience. You would need to assemble the other components to your sandwich elsewhere.

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            I'm in Philly and recently ordered from R&D. It is so worth the cost of shipping to have their lox, ( we got two types), their whitefish salad is mixed with baked salmon and is outstanding. We also got bagels and babka. Nothing comes close here in Philly.

          2. You might try Michael's Deli in Coolidge Corner. He gets his corned beef from New York and possibly the bagels too. Great deli sandwiches IMHO the best of the Brookline area.

            1. I usually just grab some Pence&Co.Nova and an Iggy's bagel from Whole Foods....Not even close to R&D, but not bad.