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Oct 8, 2012 06:18 AM

Round Rock Food Trailers

Has anybody visited the newly opened RR Food Trailers? Impressions? Would like to find out...

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  1. Curly's Perfect Pig moved up there from the 29th street location. He puts out some fine NC style pork barbecue. Not easy to find in Texas, that's for sure. If it's the Wilco Park he's there:

    1. Where is the trailer park? I'd heard about, but wasn't sure of the location.

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      1. re: tdombrow

        On Mays, south of Hwy. 79 and across from Adam's Gift Shop. We went for lunch yesterday. The hushpuppies and pulled pork were terrific. We also ate at the Columbian trailer. I can't remember what he called the items. We had a potato and beef; and a potato and chicken. The meats and potatoes were surrounded by a fried cornmeal dough. Yummy! Hey Cupcake's is there serving their wonderful cupcakes also. The trailer serving New Orlean's po-boys wasn't open yet.

        1. re: raisncains

          Stopped by Wednesday and was not impressed with the variety of food. Aside from Curly's, there was not much else interesting - IMO. The developer could have spent a little to improve the seating area. Gravel would have dressed it up a bit and avoided the muddy mess that will be created when it rains.

          1. re: WSZsr

            went up there last night to check it out. There was live music playing, which was pretty cool. Lot of people there for sure. There is definitely some work to be done, parking was bad, as in not much and very tight. Curly's was closed, which surprised me with the crowd. Got to talk to Jay the owner, he said he's been selling out most every day, and making about 3 times what he was before. Tried some of the others.
            All in all, there is a good thing there, they need to get a few things worked out , parking and landscaping, but still a good time with the music and big variety in trailers.