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Oct 7, 2012 10:58 PM


hi guys,
this is a very last minute post as i just realized that it is already the 8th of October! we (group of 12 and first timers to tokyo and michelin starred restaurants) are planning on dining in ryugin roppongi, am currently sending out email to hotel concierge to assist us with the booking also, fingers crossed.
just want to know if there are any other restaurants that would take in such a group, as a back up plan. as far as i know, quite a few of those restaurants that we have in mind cater to a very small group of diners.
appreciate your responses!

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  1. Most japanese restaurants with Michelin stars are very small, intimate places. Their private rooms usually sit only 6 or 8. These are definitely not suited for a group of 12.

    There are a few big restaurants in Tokyo, like Hamadaya, Nadaman and Fukudaya, that have huge private rooms for family or company events. But these may be too japanese and too traditional for first timers.

    For sushi, Kyubey might accommodate your group. And probably some french restaurant, like Robuchon, Narisawa...

    1. Most European restaurants should be ok for a group of 12. Should not be a problem for teppanyaki, sukiyaki, yakitori restaurant as well.

      Sushi wise: I can only think of Kyubei and perhaps Sushi Kanesaka where you probably need to book the whole restaurant.

      Kaiseki: Ryugin, La Bombance.

      Tempura: Kondo.