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Oct 7, 2012 09:58 PM

Katie's Cupcakes (Fairhaven) wins Cupcake Wars episode

I've had one cupcake from Katie's before. It was red velvet, and I wasn't that impressed. I recall it was pretty dry, and the frosting was no better no worse than any grocery store cake. But, now that they've taken first in this competition, I'm tempted to go back and try again.

Congratulations in any case to a local Bellingham shop!

I noticed that Katie will do a vegan cupcake sometimes and a gluten free. I wonder whether they'll ever wash out all their stuff really well and then do a true nut-free cupcake so that I can bring my kids? Here's hoping...

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  1. Just came back from B'ham. Would have loved to have stayed for more than 2 days, the weather was about perfect, we had a great Avenue Bread-supplied picnic lunch and afternoon fun in the sun down at the port marine park.

    Katie's Cupcakes ...... had them twice, once in mid-May during that "gals night out event" and another time in June when Toy Garden hosted the Where's Waldo event. Both times I found the cupcakes super-sweet (for my palate) and the cakes themselves surprisingly dry too. I can only remember having a peanut butter & fudge, cookies & cream, coconut, and lime (?) They were ok and the flavours somewhat distinct but simply too sweet.

    But kudos to a local biz to take the honors.

    PS: Bayside Cafe down by the waterfront has closed, for good.

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    1. re: LotusRapper

      Admirable that you tried 4 flavors in 2 visits :) I think I'll still give them a second try, but your experience lines up with my own. Maybe cupcakes are just one of those things that - even when they're really good (versions of what they are), they're just not that good. Give me a flaky european pastry type dessert any day.

      1. re: sasha1

        " Give me a flaky european pastry type dessert any day"

        +100 :-D

        4 flavors in 2 visits, I thought I was being restrained !

        I didn't grow up eating a lot of baked goods, sweets, etc, to the chagrin of my dentist (who was also my Mom's employer), haha. And I'm by no means a cupcake fiend. But IMO the cake ought to carry its own with its own characteristics and flavor and not rely on the icing to define the cupcake as a whole. But heck, gimme a good pain au chocolat, Paris-Brest or apricot galette and I'm in heaven.

        Or a bacon maple stick ....

        1. re: LotusRapper

          It's all about appearance, not taste. A few years back the fad was decorator cookies (that always tasted like sweet junk); now the fad is decorator cupcakes that taste like sweet junk.

          Talk about putting lipstick on a pig (with apologies to our porcine friends).

          1. re: puzzler

            I think you're right. Without (hopefully) insulting too many people, the American style of baking desserts - and I'm thinking specifically of box mixes, grocery store cupcakes, and those horrible sheet cakes we always celebrate office birthdays with, what we do with our confections is just sad compared to the flair and technique of the French etc. Why do we choose spongy things overfilled with buttercream and excessively sweet, when we could be making crispy flaky things with light pastry cream, caramelized fruit, or quality chocolate. Sad.

    2. I just went there yesterday and purchased four different kinds of cupcakes to take on a weekend getaway. Wow, they really changed the recipe after the cupcake wars. The cakes are really moist, not too sweet like they were before - and they have more interesting flavors. That was positive. One disappointment is the frosting on all the ones I bought. It is not real sweet (which is fine) but the frosting has a very weird mouthfeel. Kind of like "grease" for a lack of a better word. Really slick feeling that is not pleasant to me AT ALL. It reminds me of Cisco and not butter. I didn't see any cream cheese frosting offers or other types of frosting. This new one seems to be a base frosting. Yuk. I hope they diversify a bit.